Israel’s role in the Breast Cancer Industry

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Breast cancer has become a terrible scourge among women these past few decades. All ever so coincidently as the shock to the system from not having children now for these women. Well, I’m no genius, but as I understand it, breasts are for helping in the nourishing and nurturing of babies. Am I wrong, or did I suddenly just rewrite a couple of hundred thousand years of biology. No, breasts are for decoration, and showing off on porntube.

Make of it what you will, but as with any flourishing thing, there will be lots of them. They’ll be healthy and all contribute something to their environment that helps them at least keep a certain stability. What of the breast cancer stats, cervical cancer stats, and prostate cancer stats, not too mention, stomach cancer, leukemias, lung cancer and brain tumours. They do not appear to me to be signs of a thriving population that is kept happy with their existence. “Jews will be at the centre of that.” – Barbara Spectre Lerner, this quote maybe taken out of context as she oh so brazenly insisted Europe will become Multi-Cultural. Well, I don’t think so Ms. Lerner. It’s time we’re all going to rebel against you, and Jews, and lots of our children for a healthy, glorious future, and drag all Jws to Birobizhidan! Link, link, link, link.


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Far Right from the Right… Far-Right of Communism. The Right doesn’t preach homosexuality. The Right preaches family values, and strength through wholesome virtues.

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Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.


Breast milk is the natural way to keep cancer away, so obviously Jews will extract it and use it artificially. Link. Monsanto’s Jewish Supremacist History. Link.

What is Crime and what is Judaism?

If Judaism fell, imagine it, and the true and proper ethics, morals, values, virtues and treasures of humanity would be far from in tatters, and would be again held in high esteem. From the pyramids of Egypt, testament to man’s true potentials realized, to the internet of today. We can clearly see that we are indeed creatures of high worth and constructive existence. What more proof do we need that Judaism is crime, when at every corner there is a Jew waiting to fleece a goyim for every shekel?

What proof would we need to suggest that it isn’t every Jew? When every Jew is profiting, illegally, from Germany, Europe and the world’s misery? What if there was a remedy that was inclusive of Jews, excluding their Jewish supremacy? Is that even an attainable goal? Why are so many Jews aloof and so vociferous about minority issues, when they claim to be assimilated, and assimilating into the majorities? Why must they be so attached as the representatives of minorities? Cui bono?

What of the Synagogue network, for example Chabad, who have a set-up in every major city on the planet. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.


Of course, it’s not the Jews, how could it be, they are such small minorities in each country. Like a bacteria, so small can do a lot of harm. Concentrated efforts, thousands of years of practising sabotaging nations have all gone to hone Judaism into an almost lethal combination, as a whole organism of Jews, rather than Jews being separate. Yes, the gullible goy, link, is singled out unknowingly and he goes with the flow as he’s been trained too. It’s only when the sharp snap of the vipers fangs begin to get deeper into the open wound and the poison spreads that paralysis takes its’ position. The vipers understand their venom to a much, much finer degree than their prey. And in a nest of vipers only slinging off the predators completely can cure the attack before the effects of the lethal injection takes place.

Then one is alone, because the vipers have all the other avenues of freedom blocked, and the best slaves are the slaves who do not know they’re slaves. What little the vipers prey are allowed to have the viper enjoys as his musing. When the prey get elevated they watched so closely to follow the protocols, of Judaism, and surrounded by teams of lawyers and accountants, as well as media when required. Such like David Icke, the modern day child snatcher who is scaring the life out of the young women with all his vile and insidious prattle. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, the two cheeks of the same arse full of shit. The list goes on and with Xi now groomed as the darling of Israel and gaining ground with Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, South Africa he is the one to watch with 100 million troops on hand at any one time. Link, link, link, link.

I’m not sure ow many people follow closely the antics of Jared Kushner and what he’s being fingered for lately. He’s been embroiled in a row about how he’s selling citizenships to the Chinese to the highest bidders. My question is, how do the millions of other Chinese citizens get in without Kushner’s help anyhow? Obviously, the teflon Jew has an answer for everything and in no way is he culpable, as he signed all his stuff over to his brother in a ‘phantom Trust’ which wasn’t at all set up oh so cohenveniently for this very circumstance, oy vey anti Semitism. The Jew loves his diamond shaped formation defences for such contingency plans. In comes the allegations, and up fire the Jew defences from the kosher lawyers all networking for Judaism, which is crime, and against a long forgotten ethical, moralistic, valued society based solely on, dare I say it, Christian values.

When the Pilgrims first left for America their goal was not to set up a Nation per se, but to fulfil the reformation. Obviously Jews and Judaism have mingled themselves well into the societies fabric with audacious claims of ‘Jesus was a Jew’, ‘Christianity has it’s roots in Judaism’ ‘We dindu nuffin, muh six million’. I recently watched a Jewish Black woman explain how life was so hard for her, but luckily she had all the nuances lined up and had managed to somehow protect herself amid an onslaught of bigotry, oy vey, anti Semitism. How dare I even suggest that a Jew would be tempted to play the victim card?

I guess the latest sort of happening in current affairs to catch my eye is Imran Kahn,former husband of Jemima Kahn, (nee Goldsmith) and sister, or cousin to MP Zac Goldsmith, another teflon Jew who can do no wrong. We’re basically drowning in a kosher ocean of innocent Jews. Link, link. I don’t know how well people are at putting 2 and 2 together, but Pakistan is a place that has basically annexed Britain all over. in so many cities they have their Muslim enclaves that sit as hubs for their kebab shop paradises where they can openly trade heroin from, groom young teenage girls by serving them cocktails of drugs and alcohol. With the gullible goyims all queueing up for more kebabs and not wondering what happened to our own family fish and chip shops, pie shops, patisseries and cafes.

Obviously deals made by Theresa May, who at the time was the unelected leader of UK, over in Saudi Arabia to the tune of £1.6 trillion… that figure never fails to astonish me as the homeless problem escalates, and all from Arabs who basically lived on camel trains not 30 years ago. Haven’t they done well, while our countries are ravaged by oil hegemony, lack of direction and vision, and National Socialism becoming ever more illegal, because it is the answer to Jewish corruption. Link, link, link.

So, will there be more plans to exile Pakistanis out of the country now that the regime has changed? Will there be an forms of protectionism now Chinese Premier Xi has rejected protectionism? What of Merkel’s plans? There seems to be a hell of a lot of activity going on, both in and out of our countries, as to where the foreigners sit in the plans of our governments, yet barely a crumb falls off the table for the drug ridden mess that has become the society of our lands. I say drug fuelled, I should also include brow beaten, by political correctness, zero hours contract honouring work force, which absorbs the foreigners in no problem whatsoever. My criticism there is only that men have fought and died for fair days pay, and not now getting those benefits, while the outer interests of our countries seem to endlessly prosper, yet contribute little to nothing in return. What way now Western Man? Link.


Good Health and Nationalism.


Life is in itself the great mystery of life. We have no clue of anything as to how the cosmos got us here, but that far from means we are at the whim of the largest criminal organisation in the known universe. It seems over the past few thousands years attempts have been made for genuine self-autonomy and this has met with and without resistance. Should we take the fact that the mere existence of the pyramids, for me, seems to quash all arguments of what greatness that we can have, hasn’t been had. It obviously has.

Now the great stories of Moses in the Court of the Pharaoh, and Joseph with his coat of many colours. Link.  The exiling of the Jews, the differences in the Holy Bible of Hebrews and Israelites. The chameleon like nature that we know of the Jews we encounter these days all add up to conclusions that can far from be denied.

With the Greek warriors and people’s of their time, the Romans, the Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and many more Royal Houses besides, all have given Europe the first footings for what potentially The Americas can become. That stepping process is being milked, and yet, we all are doing better and better through educating ourselves together via the information deluge. Link.

Is there an aim to us from wherever we’ve come from? Having seen how the country here has been torn apart from within the Administrative sector. After having been dragged through the construction industry as a Bricklayer and working on many a huge site involving thousands of tons of concrete blocks for the building of huge buildings. Buildings such as Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 and 3, Trafford Park, also Manchester, Piccadilly Station, Manchester, Liverpool University, Halton General Hospital and many, many more projects besides. The point I’m making is that even by virtue of you reading this article now on this blog demonstrates that greatness is in abundance. So why are being given the trickle and not an even amount for effective developing around the world.

As a constructor of giant sized buildings, and not at all by American, Chinese and say Canadian standards, I feel I do have a valid call in pointing to how greatness took place and isn’t any longer. At least it isn’t in the ways that can, and the Jews are wholly at the centre of that. Should the Jews be removed from the equation then greatness naturally takes place. In my personal life being two steps ahead of the Jews has led me to become a much more complete person and much more spiritually fulfilled in the right ways. I’m far from being Johnny Sheckelmeister the local sports celebrity flown in all the way from Africa to laud it over the minions as a superstar.

I’ve come to understand many things while seeking the only fruitful path, the one that is said it is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a city than the rich man. Psychologically our aims are different, if I can be allowed a little free reign here for contrast. Physiologically I am much better at balancing the 15ib head of mine on the full length of my spine and move with grace, comfort and elegance. This I’m achieving through having Alexander Technique lessons and utilising it in everyday use, and not simply for functional use when wanting to do something. For me it’s not an off the shelf thing for being a better sportsman, musician, actor or what have you. For me, and it seems I’m exactly correct in the idea for it, is to use it as a guiding principle, or as FM Alexander called it himself, “The means whereby” meaning that in everything we do we have our innate natural composure aligned perfectly well with our consciousness. Not discounting Alexander technique teacher Patrick McDonald’s proclamation that he’d wasted just 63 years on it. That was only until the documentary I saw, and I’m sure he didn’t stop that wasting.


I think we are all familiar with the story of the ugly duckling and how that turned out, so hold onto your dreams of a better life for yourself and those around you. Learning from nature is a grand way, and the way of our forebears. Link. I think many of us drowning in this sea of information currently are finding a way to swim with the tide and evade being bogged down by it. Obviously it’s a great way for the Jewish mafia to make money by selling their wares, drugs, children for sex, slaves and land, to name but a few things that those crooks get involved in. Link.

Apparently being tied to the land is not something Jews do well, yet Europeans and others can do it remarkably well. Link.  Alas due to the running of the financial world by the Jews, the demands on the unsuspecting goyim are ever increasing for shekels to be turned over to the Jews. This does not create a well spirited community, or communities. It creates Communism, where each unit, human, is held to task by the Jews with the government as front men, and henchmen from bailiffs, police, locksmiths, insurance people, lawyers, accountants… the list is quite long and is meshed together by Freemasonry.

detect goyim

The historic value of the court system losing all it’s credibility as a thing of neutrality and for the justice system having seen to have served correct justice at the will of the People. The whole thing becomes shambolic and a ridicule of all the great things that it should stand for. This is in no way to discount that the Jews are still in control of the levers of power and influence behind the scenes. They control the money supply and distribution. That basically means they have everyone in a sort of siege situation were, “you don’t work for the Jew means no shekels for food”. Even this again is another flim flam and creates a sort of zero class status individual who’s needs, desires and drives are quashed into not more than sitting on the cold, cold floor begging for pennies for drugs to get out of their minds, because there potentials are being overlooked while the Synagogue dictates over the foreign people’s that it claims to benevolently assimilate with.

Who is forcing any Jews to do something on the behalf of non-Jews where they’re not making a pretty penny out of it? Link.  I don’t think Max Steinberg is telling the full story, or someone isn’t. Oy vey anti Semitism. I mean, that video has 19 views, no comments and zero likes. It’s hardly shouting it from the rooftops is it? Where are the local entrepreneurs in those opportunities that have had those opportunities bombed out of the heart of the city for Max Steinberg to whisper the odds as to where, and what money comes in to the city? It’s not something specific to Liverpool per se, wherever there are Jews, they will be positioned at these kinds of level pulling the financial strings and making sure it doesn’t spill over into the mainstream, lest everyone will have a shekel or two and basically “anudda shoah”


Make Steinberg zero likes!


The infamous Quiggins building, School Lane, Liverpool. England.

Quiggins-Liverpool (6)

Best cafe ever. Had great homemade cakes and herbal brews. I used to go there when I could, and hankered for going there when I couldn’t.

Quiggins-Liverpool (7)

Quiggins 2002

Quiggins-Liverpool (1)

Gary not hearing the offer price…

Quiggins-Liverpool (4)

Jason checking to see that three heads are better than one

Quiggins-Liverpool (8)

Quiggins the antique specialists which started out as a removals van business, see link below.

Quiggins-Liverpool (2)

Quiggins was always the shining light of small industry in Liverpool, and no wonder, look how many there are.

Quiggins-Liverpool (3)

Vintage clothing specialist shopkeeper Sue, now runs her wonderful emporium on Smithdown Road under the name of Mooshy La-La. A very classy place with clothing of the highest standard that you won’t find elsewhere and all presented in a beautiful ensemble that does her and her merchandise great justice.

Quiggins-Liverpool (5)

Looking back in time to a great episode in Liverpool’s history Georgina Carney represents the children who ventured into Quiggins with as much curiosity and awe as the so many others children and adults alike.

Here are some links from Quiggins and related stuff. Link, link, link, link. Here is the Echo link from which the photos where published. Link.

And with that I should say you pretty much have the full template of how Jews dismantle the wealth from within cities. It’s a template used all over the world, because it’s internationalism. The stronger version for a more vibrant life for the masses is Nationalism and breeds good healthy living through family values. Honesty counts, good order counts through the free will, because people are savvy enough to understand 2 + 2 = 4. It breeds a higher societal living, without the need for pep ups, such as drugs and other erroneous intoxicants. Nationalism is about putting your own people on a good footing. Helping them develop skills and grow from a sense of community. That’s what Communism destroys, all sense of community.

Communism is always aloof, it’s the great whore of Babylon. One can learn to live without the dependencies on it, when one observes what it involves and cuts down where possible on the feeding of it. It’s basic common sense were things are allowed to work. I’m sure people are familiar with times that go well and would surely wish more times like those. It’s about creating more opportunities for things to go well and enjoying life and finding out how much life can bring. As the old saying goes, “How much pleasure can we really stand?”

Dedicated to all those wishing for a better future past and present. Victory is the only option.


Transferring the biological needs of women


Miss Northern Ireland 2015

Gaining leverage over situations can be useful, in that, whatever principles may have been used in one situation can be possibly used in another. Basically we’re talking about short cuts, streamlining or being effective and efficient. Call it how you will, the underlying thing of these principles is they may share commonalities., useful commonalities. Now from my background of sport and construction where I have learned most of my skills. I learned to use physics in order to move something really, really heavy,  by using a pivot point for leverage and it’s a very useful thing to know. One simple object, paired with another object also of lesser strength can together create a binding solution for moving objects far and beyond the capabilities of man by himself.


Generally women love to have fun, they love to have nice things around them, a pleasant atmosphere and lots of good entertainment and luxury. I can’t think of a woman who wouldn’t want that kind of security around her, unless she’s Jewish, then she’ll totally defy everything I just said. Have it all, but not want you to know about it. Nor for you to have any part of it, unless she makes gains from it. Link. Will you be lavishing it away on Wall St. where “the inevitable revolution will take place”? Where’s your place in the market? Where’s your children going to find their positions, because you can guarantee those women on Wall St are having a minimum of from 4 children upwards.  All paid for by the money markets and not a dish will they wash.

The scenario above, I’m sure, is not one your familiar with, including every man, woman or child reading here. If you know anything about what Jews are like. Link. Then you will know they haven’t the standards of morals that are enshrined in our cultures. In fact through their hustling into positions of power from behind the scenes, then one can see how they manipulate the situation for the Jewish supremacist ideology, Judaism. And only for Judaism. Link.

The 26 Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland finalists who gathered at The OUTLET, Banbridge for a photoshoot ahead of the gala final on 13 May .JPG

Maybe the fox caring for the chicken coup maybe the phrase I’m looking for. Jews are our tragedy. A Jew will tell us through their media outlets, through tv programmes, radio programmes, music soap opera etc how the society is to their estimation via their concerted and joined energies. Our societies, away from Judaic control are much more atuned to being social in nature. We all know the Robin Hood story, which is even somewhat tainted by the Jews. They control education,  link, they control children’s tv,  link, they control the airwaves. Link. Those unseen things that carry the messages from their laid back design focused wholly on their aims through spin doctoring. Link. (shorter version, link) Link.


So, behind the scenes, the string pullers are leading the country. By using the Public funds to run the businesses for the good of who is seen fit by them to run it for. Without a shadow of a doubt the new first class citizens, as is called in China the “Men women”, as they are playing the roles of men, without being married, ie not looking for motherhood. Thus capping even the one child policy to the non-child policy by way of Capitalism, which is Communism. They are largely used by companies to win important business contacts over. Link, link, link. So the new Communist model within Communist China is Capitalism, and that is to say that as it is in the West, or something like how we thought we conceived it. Think pink elephants.



Women have “fought” and “won” their rights, oy vey, anti Semitism, to reach the highest offices in the industrial spectrum. So, what separates our Capitalism and Communism now? Link.  I guess man walking up and down the streets to be oppressed and live a life in the kitchen having babies isn’t seen as having the pecuniary advantages of striving to be the top in the workplace? Link. Let’s compare our actual culture here against the culture that is being sold to us as our culture. Let’s take the idea of modernism, not necessarily a foreign idea to Europeans, especially post World War two people. It’s clean, elegant, spacious and with so many electrical appliances to give aid to modern living the style is also somewhat convenient.



Compare the styles, modern v traditional.


Which one is more classic, and therefore more lasting?

It’s not that people such as “Lord Cashpoint” don’t warrant some scrutiny, don’t they?Aren’t the antics from the positions they’ve wrangled themselves into that arouse suspicion warranting such scrutiny? Isn’t it? Link. It’s like I heard a saying there that Asia is ran on shame, and Europe is ran on guilt. Link. Prey tell me where was the shame or guilt with this lackey “Lord” Jew, opting to share his thoughts on how others should be treated. Yet, for his own treatment it was a quick change of mask, and collect as many tokens of grandeur as was humanly possible, (before bogging off to Israel, the Jewish criminal hideout, as is highly suspected). Link.


The way I see my job on this blog, as I’ve said before, is not to offer opinion as a sole content for readers, but to do the donkey work for those who are kept busy by the continuously floating hand of the Jew. Which is like a school boy being disciplined with corporal punishment, the teacher waving the stick, cane, rule or strap over the hands or legs of the pupil to cause flinching and general unease. That’s what these Jews do, they look to upend composure by threats of inflicting pain. “The Jew cries pain as he strikes you” Polish proverb. Link.

The thing is most people are still believing what they’re encouraged to take on board. As the great Scott Roberts says, they, the Jews, also as I’ve reiterated many times here from Scott’s teachings, they control the narrative. By exploring, for example, outside of the Zio-Marxist political structure lent to us currently by Israel, with interest, oy vey anti Semitism. Then we must explore what ours can be. My suggestion that I’m putting forth for research and study is the ideological principles of National Socialism. Which, in my estimation, and I’m sure I’m not that far off the mark, is a naturally grown extension on the successful model of Fascism as used by 1921 Italy.

Do your research and find out for yourself, I’ll be here again waiting.  Imagine it this way, you had zero scruples or allegiances to the country folk you were milking dry, wouldn’t you scream like a baby when threatened with being removed from your unjustified position at the cash cow? Where’s Our rights here to return back from the system that is obviously one of the most expensive to be a part of… Study your options. Link, link.

So, to make an actual grand estimate of what taxes are being paid, they are the returns from industry for the benefit of society. We find that the City of London pays one third, which seems a large percent. Let’s break it down into actual reality though. Link. The Cayman islands, a British Overseas Protectorate, and tax haven, oy vey anti Semitism, yields these findings. in 2013 Korea tops 7 trillion Won, the currency of South Korea, in 2014 it rises to 25 trillion, and of 2017 it currently stands at 9 trillion. Link, link, link.  Yet the mother load of just Korean off shore tax hoarding sits at the handsome total of 500 trillion Won, yet South Korea has mass financial debts. Link, link. This is how internationalism works. You’ll notice that the St. Louis Federal Reserve Branch are looking after Korea. So, with those figures of just Korea alone, how much taxation are the havens offering? How much wealth could be circulating, as should, and needs to for sensible sustainability in our economies? It’s abyssmally pitiful at just 1.5-1.4% as according to auditors, PWC, who I believe Theresa May has worked for. Link, link, link, link.

Maybe it’s just me being naive and having people from outside the continent set up barber shops, pizza and kebab houses, restaurants and massage parlours is going to give us the returns we need to zoom right up the economic growth tables to match high flying Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and of course darling of the world who never did anything wrong, Israel. Link, link, link.

The man at work today is not more than a rag to be kicked about by those who are involved in internationalism. They are without control of their own destiny. The internationalist shadow government who is named now the world over, is getting it’s just desserts in being exposed for the size of the mutant octopus like organism that it’s always been, with it’s beating heart always connected to the pulse points, the financial and political sectors. Link, link.  Do people understand their environment to any particular degree beyond their next pay check these days? Link.  What is it that elevates these Jews to obviously boss more than just a simple position in Palestine by virtue of their claim to be a long lost tribe who were there 3000 years ago. What’s your stake in land from 3000 years ago, because you obviously didn’t just appear out of thin air, did you? Link.

With such dog muck jokes making up a trade that affords you handmade leather Gucci shoes, then being part of an exclusive club, the “Wandering Jews”, one is bound by conscience, and just plain common sense to put them back in their rightful place. Link, link.


Try it, see if it’s not true. Good luck.


 Criminals at the prison in post World War 2 Germany. who were mostly Jews who had been caught doing exactly what they do now. Judaism!


Jews practicing how to amp up the guilt

Judging others, strangers, by your own value can lead to the most awkward of situations. I’m sure people have encountered intimidation tactics before, and understand full well the methods of bullies. Yet, the vast majority of people haven’t seemed to be able to string together the real implications of the “Wandering Jews” and what it is that makes them so repugnant to Europeans, practicing and non practicing Christians alike. As I’ll wager virtually all Europeans can soon trace their religion back to Christianity within about a range of say the last 70 years, unless you’re Jewish, then that’d be your heritage. Link.

Rabbi Friedman

Rabbi Friedman

Link. Link.

Here’s a fable about how integrating one with another then the pecking order will take place. Link