China, North Korea and Israel – A breakdown of the narrative.


Generally a punchbag would be between the holder of the bag and the puncher, ie the one in the middle. Now look at the order of the countries again in the title. Obviously templates for performance are useful, such as in espionage, corporate spying, restaurant recipes etc. So, what exactly is it that the “Evil” North Koreans have that the mighty new super power China need so badly from the 22 million North Koreans?

As “China looks to Israel” (google it) for solutions of industry, we look to what for answers of the incredible rise of China that literally fell out of the sky, with absolutely no help from Kissinger and his mob. Isn’t it amazing that no country can prosper, yet the narrative will dictate that the Chinese are now the rising super power. The US is basically playing catch up, as are France, UK and other “1st world” countries that “lead the way”.

The education curriculums of Communist China now being served to the rural farmers who have been enticed into Capitalist environments by the lure of modernism for their 1 child off-spring to “prosper” by. Israel sitting pretty as the new “economic miracle” that manages to prosper beyond all recognition in such a “hostile” environment and “hated” by their hosts the Palestinians. Think of it this way perhaps. Being a landless person. A man of no actual geographical nation. Who, in that scenario wouldn’t want everyone else to be in that position that you’ve literally mastered and then you can be kings of the hill by sabotaging all of their home countries?


The Emperor’s New Empire

We’re all familiar with the famous tale “The Emperor wear new clothes”, well these days as on point as the story may the Emperor has upgraded and got himself a “New Empire” Link. As much as people say this token, or that token has this merit or that merit, nothing is more telling than the truth. How you gauge the truth is your concern, and as the saying goes, ignorance is no excuse, then who now are seekers? To gain more historical context as to why Taiwan losing favour with Panama is so important please read through this link.

With the famous landmarks of the Egyptian pyramids long staring us in the face, I think it’s almost a hundred years. So, that paradise in the desert sparks little to no speculation that paradise has existed on earth. Link. It shows what can be done, and not what is natural of the current mess we’re all in.

No Segregation – Only Protected Species But Not Whites


As the amount of security fences have grown, the policing weaponry and tactics too, along with the investment market profits. So the foreign People’s of the continents of Asia and Africa continue to move in a one way direction, ie, to Our homelands, so the minority groups grow in size and demands. The LGBT movements with their wild justifications of normalcy go through occupied government covert operations to be pressed upon the current generations and future generations in political swathes of never ending chaos.

The apparent uncontrollable chaos, in the name of social justice, always being overlooked by the traders on the trade floors, who just happen to move the government bonds, local and national, secured by the likes of the SEC and City of London Police. The speeds of the technologies in use far out pacing the speeds of the policing technologies in the White Collar sector. Link. When it comes to footing the bill, the triggers of point at the White Man are mobilised for the guilt stricken grief pantomime to follow.

The weaponised covert ops media backing up, via trending, any and all claims laid at the feet of the White Men for crimes unheard in Courts of Law, yet bound to pay. Where blood is not an openly acknowledged means of payment is taken via the Synagogue of Satan’s blood-lusting industries of finance and economics. When the cry of the LGBT defeats the cries of the sucker punched Union members whose lives are destroyed as a result of LGBT community financing. The oppressive White Men sacrificing all equity in their own work thanks to bent politicians on the take from Israel. Crime doesn’t pay, unless it has the kosher seal.

Even as far back as Lincoln, whose victory over slavery was said to be a win for Americans and Africans alike, in that the Africans would be going home to Mother Africa. Obviously that change in trading upset the Jewish hegemonies on the slave trafficking industries. Even the Chinese who later came to build the Great Eastern Railway, as a continuation of the work of the newly named Great Western, after all of the Europeans abandoned their jobs to hit the California Gold Rush. The Chinese were allowed no women and mostly died off, contrary to the rumours of San Francisco being something of a Val Halla for them at the time. They were often killed in tunnels with the dynamite blasts, as the workforce was plentiful and cheap at those exchange rates.

The ever present LGBT voice that calls all the shots, it welcomes the “refugees”, it champions the causes of homosexual marriages and the bringing up of non blood related children within that artificial “family” unit. If as a lad I should have come forth with such hubris then I’d have been justly defeated in debates for not even having an argument, unlike these days where the name of the game is based around the Israel pink dollar.

Much consideration needs to take place in rapid fashion to gain something of a means to segregate from this toxic minority liberalism that can only be funded by the same backers as the Jewish media, and that is the Jewish banks. It’s Open Season on White People apparently so get savvy and spread te word!

Plunder part 10 of 10 …. Summary

The tenth and final part of Plunder by Peter Quiggins wordpress, please read and share.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

The Kehellah

We are dealing with a ruthless creed whose survival is based on destroying all that represents decencyand nobility who’s objective is to create chaos while gaining specialstanding within all nations Ukraine, Germany, BirobidzhanEurope, Palestine and more etc. To achieve this they stampede all races into miscegenation becoming an unidentifiable global mix while their tribe remain separateas an ethnocentric sociopathic group occupying all these nations i.e. Jewish ‘eruv’ boundary around northLondon.Jews have always made the dealings of the goy their own business. Master ‘plagiarists’, corroders and ultimate exploiters of anarchy, hate and misery under the sanctuary of the charity method they feign compassion …… It is a Talmudic numbers game of problem, reaction, solution (the dialectic) also known as ActuaralScience in real terms calculating a win by playing both sides…Oy Vey!!


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Word Creation, MK Ultra, Tavistock and Israel


The toxic way of the Jew is all about meandering around, looking for weakness’s in their prey. As they are like tapeworms and parasitical in nature, so they are heavily invested in their form of parasitism. I remember hearing on the radio, and reading in the media, that the American Medical Journal can now define absolutely anyone as a”suffering” from psychological disorder. It’s a simple method, such as bi-polar, or autism, or dyslexia. How about memory loss, obesity, laziness, literally anything can be defined as being linked to “psychological disorders”.

This Jewishness way of thinking is again demonstrated further as an attack upon us, non Jews, by preventing the very traditions where these things were honed out, through hard work, learning how to think through repetitious educating and the like. Such traditional methods of educating in this (((post-modernist))) (Cultural Marxism) are devoid of any value, because the trades, crafts and handiwork are not supported. Whereas the “psychological disorders” have list after list of medicines to quell the symptoms, money available to collect sick money and finally the old proverb of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is grossly undermined as there is no will being developed.

This is such an easy target for the pharmaceutical/medical industries, the media industry, the financial “industry” and the charitable industries all working cohesively, via the Synagogue, to attack, through subversion all that’s good of our societies. So, whereas apprentices may have been taken on for coach building, carpentry, masonry, not they will be “trainees” or “students” in no productive industries that are insured to carry only such liabilities as the governments can warrant. With these token governments of today that really isn’t much, because they are the root of the undervaluing.  Imagine a fox guarding the chicken coup for the wolves.

When the policies are trickled down through the societies by time they reach the “end-user” ie the one paying for it, then the shitty end of the stick was never shittier and free speech is Anti Semitic by order of the Jews. The order, as it gets further on down the line is to create such light liabilities that Jews have corralled the unsuspecting flocks of the nations under strict insurance policies that have no room for insuring family values, nor families, at government levels. So, the government policies will be such pitiful tokens of what actual political policies should look like that the very power of government is virtually a non power.

18813718_1333867533360698_7804703239819561356_n There will basically be only room for drones, and now the attack on the women looks much the same as the attack on the people as a whole group by those above listed inventions of psychological disorders. Now, in some way, predatory butch bull dyke lesbians will be trawling the many festivals, concerts, disco’s and all manner of public gathering to convince the trend following single ladies, and non single ladies, that they fall into branches of feminist agendas, that they can’t deny it.

It’s basically aggressive marketing, and it’s very predatory and honed specifically to a target audience that is a continuation of their schooling. So with all the buzz words in place, all the triggers set from the media onslaught of target audience aimed TV and Cinema traffic. then the work for the Mossad Agents is easy as pie. Just ask yourself what chance would your daughter, niece, neighbours child have in this maelstrom of anarchy all aimed at destroying the notion of a family, and especially any particular patriarchal family system.

U.S. President Trump gathers with Pence and Republican House members after healthcare bill vote at the White House in Washington

Obviously for the select few Jewish helps, as seen in the picture above, they, by securing for Israel the continuing hegemonies. Then their credit button will remain unpushed, but any rigmaroll out of them and down the pan their “credit ability” shall go.


Capitalist Fanatics and Communist Fanatics


We hear oh so much these days of “Religious Fanaticism”, except Jewish religious fanaticism that could portray Jews in a bad light. We can hear of soccer hooligans as football fanatics, or separatist fanatics, but I’m yet to hear of Capitalist or Communist Fanatics, yet am surrounded by them literally everywhere. Most probably don’t know their consumerism is a strong form of Capitalist fanaticism, and that they’e probably been indoctrinated to accept Marxism as a representative ideology for them specifically.

What of Socialism, what of socialist template models that have been functional working templates and successful too? Where are those rallies among the political types that carry their own cross of what I’ll term “Economic Fanaticism”, link? Why aren’t they ratting out the saboteurs that are misspending and creating this unpredictable and disastrous economies? Sure, we may get piecemeal, but nothing changes. Link.

Is anyone in the media asking the meta questions of why aren’t the villains within politics being rounded up and carted off for medical experiments? It’s long been understood, at every level, how to furnish one’s life with enjoyment. As it has become the religion, and now carried as a pass-off religious State for a non racial identity group who may literally do as they please with secured tolerance from every nation they in fact govern from behind the scenes. Link, link, link.




Communist China – The ‘New’ Darling of Israel

As America has been drained of trillions upon trillions, yet New York continues to deal in the quadrillions on the stocks and shares trade floor. So Israel’s new darling of the Pacific, and neighbour of “most evil Empire, North Korea” the “People’s” Republic of China can rustled up multi-billion dollar loans at the drop of a hat now. Link.  Sucking the very life blood out of one country/continent/nation, and transferring that electronic jibber jabber phoney baloney currency overseas is a bigger heist than an actual heist.


Imagine that, how Communism worked in Communist China take 2. Even though China doesn’t have any actual money, nowhere does, it’s all just a massive con, link. How can one understand the money con when one fails to understand the variety of forms that money can take? Link. For me it was a case of understanding this simple concept, and as a concept, but not a reality set in stone. There is no money. There is no money until such time as it is agreed between the parties as to what constitutes as the money used in fair exchange for negotiated like for like values.


Obviously as people farmed so livestock would create a simple exchange system, but it could vary depending on grade, or quality, of the stock and the expected yields. Currently traditional goods, though sold in the antiques market have lost much of their value, to create new stuff in that fashion has been priced out. This pricing out of the market is undermining the very bedrock that our society is built upon and has become a runaway train.


Who in their right mind’s will allow such crippling of our industries, debasing of our currencies and devaluing of the price of life of our offspring’s legacies? How exactly are we all being protected there by the big wigs who flaunt themselves in an endless diplomatic holiday of negotiating our lives away? Link. If I hadn’t have worked on a number of multi-billion GBP contracts then maybe I would not be able to connect the dots. As I have, however, connecting the dots is easier to pass on, and the waves of enlightenment gearing towards pointing the fingers well and truly where the fingers need pointing, Israel, Antifa, LGBT and the International Banking Community, all being under the Jewish umbrella of causes. They are minority causes defeating the majority causes which are being washed away with cries of Anti Semitism, when Semites are not the majority.


Is anyone assessing the risks involved here?


That Question of Socialism – with and without baggage

What socialism, or which socialism, why socialism or how socialism. This thing we know as socialism is a new phase in our evolutionary process as People’s here on Earth. It’s a new thing in that there was no actual requirement for it before. The main of the thing is that people were nomadic, then farmers, then imperialists and now industrialists blending more into a true self-autonomous way by virtue of electronic access. With the serfdoms of large parts of Europe not ever reaching the parts of Germany where they have not known serfdom, or indeed equity. Then we look to their ideology of protectionism, localism and correct distributionism for answers on how to operate functionally as unit of people’s looking after one another.

The idea of socialism as put forth by great industrialists of the past, and not mere commentators such as Marx, who was in no way a socialist at all. Socialism is about doing together with, working together for and sharing spoils without war. Socialism is basically the anti-thesis of Pirates, who just seem to appear to share the same lack of morals and scruples as Jews. It’s not my fault they function as they do, but they’re a closed group plundering and sharing the booty among themselves for their own purposes only. That, sounds exactly like a pirate ship to me.

Again, why would they want to share, when they’re in the business of plunder? What boundaries do they care whether it be land or sea? Who is mad, the one doing the pirating, or the non pirate aiding the piracy? What working model would be something that could be a decent way for each and everyone, without a huge amount of baggage placed on that by certain unscrupulous internationalist banking Jews?

The baggage cohenveniently placed on socialism is that you can’t have any National Socialism. Link. So you say Communism ended… Right!