“Nothing Really Happens By Accident!” ~ 1 in 10 Medical Deaths Are By “Accident”

From the Pre-Covid era

Warning – This article may carry too much truth!

There has been tons and tons and tons of medical research done in the West that has prolonged life, yet stopped the birth of babies. The value of life has lowered and lowered and lowered because of the state of things, ie there’s not much return from “Service Industry” industries. Certainly there’s not the same return as from building, mining, ship making etc. Yet, the countries economies are still being further asset stripped to pay for broken product. There’s growing frustrations at grass roots level for regimes to be changed and actual functionable politics to return to the corridors of power.

It’s always an astonishing thing how corruption eats into society, yet those with the responsibilities, as in paid responsibilities, to take charge of stopping that are always the first targets. The entitlement throughout the board of the result of the corruption is also astounding. When each and every facet of the economy has now truly been blasted into the gutter and every resulting purchase does nothing more but reflect the state of things, how can one not wonder when the inevitable will arise?

For me, I don’t know why we aren’t living in a real Disneyland full of fun and actual love of live, and not this skewed perversion of what could be. I mean how twisted are the people at the top? The more I see the symbol of Jesus, being in regards to a White man, being crucified, then the more it hits home how long it’s being going, to what extent and for what purpose. And, if Jesus is supposed to be a Jew, then which Rabbi circumcised him? Why isn’t that Rabbi lauded at every turn? Why are Jews so obnoxious when it comes to the question of Jesus, lol? I think it’s pretty solid that the message of Jesus is, “It’s them Jews who are the cunts and need to be stopped.”

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