Recession? What Recession?

Germans salute the US Olympic team

Of course the ‘Lügenpresse’ will never fess up to being part of the machinery that keeps the actual recession going. Think about times you’ve enjoyed life, times you’ve shared great times and times that to top it all off there was plenty more good times to come. Right there, is what you’re being stolen of, as the ‘mask-scare’ paves the way for the control of the world to be fully handed over to the communist Chinese, who literally wouldn’t go if everyone wasn’t wearing masks. The lofty decision making at the top of the food chain, the cold-blooded murderer brigade, that we currently have, do their upmost to keep their hands guards for the cards they play.

I might be the one at the back with his hand up saying, “I do”

There’s obviously tons of rhetoric to throw around, but the conclusion about life is that there are resolutions, not with the current establishment, admittedly, but they’ve been upended now, and they flaunt themselves around as if they know it’s do or die time. They don’t really care so much, they’ve had a good run, and the people who will take over will look after them, as that’s what that stands for. Like a scorpion in your shoe the government increases it’s domain, albeit on your property, and asserts itself in the shadows at the most inconvenient times. Now, just today, Jew, Boris Johnson is saying Britain is not a corrupt country. He must be on some real strong meth/crack, or God only knows what their ivory tower guardians provide for their obvious opiate addictions.

What you find at the top that you’ve been given to chase

Bubbles, here and bubbles there, there’s nothing wrong with bubbles per se, but when it’s created by debt as analogous to people’s lives then stretching the lies comes natural to those paid to do that. There really must be some laughing going on behind the scenes. I just read the other day, in Nancy Mitford’s biographical memoirs, that her Great-Grandmother was a Jewess, and had 14 brothers, who were all Rabbis. I was just reading about another aristocracy family of Britain, of Madresfield, the original Brideshead Revisited, and the Jew turns up hundreds of years ago in their family tree. I’ve been around a little while now to see, and know that the aristocracy are a broken segment of our society, and that another 1000 years making excuses for their privileged lifestyle seems erroneous at best. Why people aren’t pressurising the military to ransack these foreign governments is ridiculous. Or, does the matter speak for itself when we are surrounded by a narrative upheld by the ”Lügenpresse’.

The Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation voicing the opinion of the corrupt

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