The Lying Gnarly Faced Jew and it’s Brown Blob Wart – Boris Johnson and Priti “Blobby” Patel

Between their girth they could crack corruption, crime and incompetence, but they won’t, as those are the things they’re there to uphold. Case in point being Lying Gnarly Faced Jew’s statement about Britain as a “Low waged, low production country”. Gee, wonder why that’s the case? So, he says he wants to make it a “High waged, high productive country”, and you can see the short and long interviews below,

Full interview

So, what he’s really saying is that by time him and his blobby mates over at the City of Tel Aviv’s satellite, the City of London, have made the country a wholly failed state, even more than it is right now. Then, him and his mate’s will have hoovered up all the money by then, and will have truly pledged the workers into a situation that is sold lock, stock and barrel… To none other than his mates/bosses. It’s a time tested method in a crony led debt ran money system, when the banker runs the money system, and the banker is an insidious vermin like parasite. It’s all just basic math X + Y = Z Jews + Money = Ruin!

And as for the other thing, what a horror bags that is, just voted number 9 in the GHM charts as one of Britains most desirable women, hahahahahaha, sorry, decisive… Divisive more like, how does she get to jump the queue so readily and easily? Who is she? Shes definitely NOT British, by a long chalk, look at her skin!


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