How To Detect Poison In Media Misinformation – A Simple Guide

If it’s lips are moving…

Firstly, to detect poison in media articles it’s wise to know the source of the articles reporters, mostly they are going to be Jewish, which is a HUGE RED FLAG! Often times there will be a hyoerlink over the reporters name to refer to their past articles. Personally, I’ve found that these Jewish reporters don’t write so much, yet it will be their sole incomes. They will over elaborate their positions with Twitter, LinkedIn and other closed shop outlets for them to be insulated in a ‘news-world’ that caters, and very much so, for their wet and weak styles of reporting.

Secondly, who owns the periodical that you are trusting with propagandising/radicalising your mind? That’s a question you should thoroughly know the answer too. You may have to play detective, but chances are, it’s going to be ultimately owned by a Jew, Jews, or a collaborator of Jews. There’s no two ways about it, if it’s being allowed in print, then scrutinise you must. People are often very naïve when it comes to understanding the depths Jews will go to manage the narrative, not least because their privileged positions depend on it, but also they get to flaunt their religious practice in public, which is brownie points for them down at the Yeshiva, which brings u to the third point.

Yeshiva ‘schools’ are where the men, generally the men of Jews, will go and chat, read and pass information about how they plan to express rhetoric while being covertly unrecognised as a subversive group planning, plotting and scheming. So, apparently they’ve been somewhat successful in protecting their overall reputation, though there are cracks in their armour it’s, as yet, never been outside the scope of what they can control.

Fourthly, Jew savvy people will know full well the brunt of the Jewish argument, the denial game, deny everything bad about Jews, praise everything that’s victimised for the sympathy vote, in a nutshell. To put things about how Jews have collaborated in the past, and do to this day, and will continue to, we need look to Alan Dershowitz, a ‘Professor Emeritus’ at Harvard Law School, an Ivy League School that didn’t allow Jews attendance. So, like the bulk of University professors and lecturers in he West today, he is a Jew, and he’s famous for “bringing the courtroom into the classroom”, as he is famously quoted as saying. So, what gives is that his mates down on Wall Street will say “Hey Al, Uncle Shmuley’s got the SEC breathing down his nec over here, can you get your people’s heads into the law books and find aways out, or at least bide time till we offload the contraband, (or whatever the x maybe)”. So, and he admits he does this, which was never done before, he sets the students the tasks of finding out how to navigate his own personal cases that he’s took on as a lawyer. Then of course, he gets onto the phone to Uncle Shlomo at the New York Times, Washington Post or wherever and says, “Can you run a story that the sky is going to fall in on the x of whichever month, as I have a client who needs the headlines drowning while he goes to court.”

Fifth, Is there a comments section? Generally if there’s a comments section you get the chance to at least attempt to air your views, though, as in the case of myself the other day this happened. A story was ran in a local rag, it said a woman had been causing a raucous while drunk on a roof. Now, the report didn’t say what she was saying, so my comment read thusly, “Was she shouting JEWS ARE TYRING TO WIPE US OUT! If she was she should be given a medal.” Now, I can’t log in to that rag AT ALL from any of my devices. so, I’d like to think she was saying that above. Also, the comment sections are like a Synamob’s day out, it will be filled with them on patrol, making stupid clichéd jokes about the culture and how pathetic people are etc… The usual Jew crapola.

Sixthly, and most importantly, yet is lately less, which can be more, is the Holocaust bomb they like to detonate inside of any article. Article may read “Mrs Miggins cat stuck up tree – When asked how she feels, she replied “It was like another Holocaust, I thought poor tiddles was going to be stormtrooped by the Waffen up there.” Obviously that’s a slight exageration, but the principles run true, there will be many, many articles firing the “We wuz gassed six bajillion times before we wuz even born”. They will lay it on thick.

Seventh, and finally, is the Marxian Dialectic, which is when an article refuses to acknowledge, or report, the full facts involved. By using this tactic people like Max Mermelstein, Lord Greville Janner and how Israel can out box countries like China, India, UK, US and even such innovators like Zimbabwe, Laos and Afghanistan. I’ve laboured long to bring as much truthful insight in to how the world works under Jewish hegemony, yet, regardless that this blog is read in over 170 countries, it is merely a drop in a vast, vast ocean of propaganda. To put things into perspective Jews have, and usually by underhanded tactics, defeated such greats as Napolean, Hitler, the Romanov Dynasty, Wang Jingwei, Emperor Hirohito and Edward the 7th and a whole list of others, President Kennedy, Franco, Mussolini etc. So, to draw a conclusion would be say that over 95% of the breadth and width of journalism, and especially mainstream journalism, which is nearer 99.999% pro-Jewish, is pro-Jewish, or at least won’t be reporting anything negative in any big way about Jewish collaboration for their paramilitary manoeuvres.

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