Still Not As Fishy As The Official Narratives

What’s that got to do with the price of fish? Well, they don’t grow on trees. Let’s consider some internationally recognised narratives that, not least, will be school curriculii, and worse, punishable by lengthy jail terms.

9/11 Twin Towers attack on US soil – Official narrative: Al Quaeda did it and NOT Mossad

Charlie Hebdo – Official narrative: Al Quaeda did it and NOT Mossad

Sandyhook – Official narrative: A random attack and NOT Mossad

Opiod epidemics – Official narrative: Al Quaed and MOT Mossad

Cocaine epidemic – Official narrative: FARC and NOT Mossad.

Bat Soup woes – Little old lady in Wuhan and NOT Mossad

A Chinese pangolin

BOOM! You see where this is going don’t you? The official narratives are fairy tales. They nothing more than bets made by the Jews and the Freemasonic Shabbos Goys behind the scenes for a laugh. H O L O C A U S T ! ! !

There’s a massive question about the time factor, being that you couldn’t bake six million pastries in the time Germans were supposed to have been doing whatever.

It completely relates to Bat Soup and the whole world being shut down because Jews don’t like Gentiles and won’t have truths about their criminality being aired en masse. The whole Covid-19 is a ker-plunk to keep Jews in clover while they sit back filing their claws counting all the loot they’ve robbed, are robbing and will continue to rob. They have scant disregard for human life and will find any, and every excuse, to fill the media up with trash and presumed rhetoric simply because they can. Cue the war now looming with China, the Taliban, UKAUSUS They just need to keep those headlines with scaremongering while they keep ahold of the info/communication lines on the internet.

I heard that the mobile phones were down in Germany recently, and that energy is a massive issue in the German economic system, also being designed to fail. You can see the report here.

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