The World Is A Smokescreen – The China, Afghanistan, EU, US, Australia Miasma

As Israels’ Jews together with Jews and their Freemasonic minions the world over construct the world’s largest turd polishing fiasco since the last one, Covid-19 and the weird Bat Soup Cult of Netenyahu and Kissinger continues on as the official narrative, so the preverbal turtle’s head pops out amid their frantic rubbing. From the day I heard the saying “You can’t polish a turd”, it gave me all the perspective I needed for lining up the truth. If something’s got a kink in it, then it doesn’t run true. That’s the nature of truth, and these despicable lunatics currently running the asylum don’t do truth, but to the point. So, there’s this giant company, Evergrande, in China about to be bailed out by the consequentially fortuitous communist regime of the so called ‘People’s Republic of China’, which as a side note should really be called the ‘Jewish People’s Prison of China’ given the history of the malintent the Jews have carried out there since the Dowager went begging cap in hand to them, in 1864. Not that that would be an exclusive date per se, but a date that is traceable on Jewish sites.

I refer to the fortuitousness of the communist regime running China, for the Jews, as it was wholly consequential that as the 2008 crash happened, so China was suddenly swimming in money, which they then invested in African hand farming, for what that’s worth? This Evergrande company have reported losses from US$89-300 billion, so far, in just the last few days, depending on which Jewish media source you cite, but either way China is crippling, as it was designed too. The debt racked up by the former largest most populous country in the world, now is India, finally outweighs the “whip round” mentality that had always “guaranteed” China’s eternal prosperity, ie, if China was in the do-do they could each throw in a dollar and they’d have at least 1.3 billion dollars to get farming going for food, bare minimum.

As forecasted years ago, China is in an unsustainable situation that will reverberate around the world far worse than any Bat Soup scenario. Just last week another tanker was stuck in the Suez, that’s 2 this year already, so how can the mighty China build hundreds of cities the size of New York, in ten years, and the 3 gorges damn, yet the Silk Road seems a bridge too far? I know these are broad strokes to paint by numbers the world economy, but the trend is set, and it’s never been a trend that is upward, it’s been downwards the whole way, and shows no signs of upwardness. Though Kate Middleton did congratulate the British ‘heroes’ who ran away from the Taliban for doing a sterling job, my guess is the heroin trade for the Jewish Sassoon family needed a more disciplined unit to continue operations, time will tell. It’s as if they tell you right to your face that everything is not right, but the amount of cognitive dissonance, and utter dismissiveness of the world trumped by gambling addictions, drug addictions and so many addictions that have caused a moral compass collapse from one neighbour to the next. It’s as if the scenario has been ballooned up out of such proportion that lack of belief has become the new belief.

The unaccountable mainstream, samestream, lamestream media, acting as the mouthpiece for the Marxist Dialectic and Historical Materialism that poses as government is nothing more than the paramilitary wing of the Jews. Yes, things are that deep! Jews have made themselves the cat and we the ball of wool, and the headlines are the wool puller. There’s not a single thing to be done, yet the mouthpiece will continue to spew out craziness as if counts for something, the noxious miasma. We’re not living in modern times, per se, we’ve just been bankrolled into a new feudal time with extra trimmings, paid for by the blood of those who stood up to communism in many ways. Like the fabled “Nazi art thieves”, what a load of rubbish, look at the art they claimed as national heritage versus the type of art Jews produce, Jews are swindlers. Even as they struck a literal deadly blow with their well poisoning “Covert-19″(Covid-19) so they continue to ride the crest of a wave.

Note: The media outlets run to scrum the truth among their periodicals, yet the truth at a higher level is self-evident, we’re in a designed to fail slow kill scenario that’s ruled by fear with the threat of force the real levers of power. Corruption is the new Honour, and Crime the new Nobility!

Depletion and destruction are the way of the Jews, they care not who makes the law, they want control of the money.

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