The Contemptible List

Here is a list of some of the cases that you might want to look into that have persuaded me that a certain contemptible element of the world are pernicious, nefarious and outright criminal.

The Mermelstein Case – The stooge Pablo Escobar was manoeuvred to be the icon of the Colombian drugs trade, when in fact it was Max Mermelstein who admitted in the testimony given to the now American President, Joe Biden, that all of the money was laundered through the Israeli Diamond Exchange and he was the one who was running the operation.

The Marc Dutroux/Bernard Weinstein case – This case, in Belgium, a country who plays host to the Israeli/Jewish diamond trade of Antwerp, the largest in the world, involved the trafficking of children for death. It brought down the whole of the Belgium ruling government amid protests by the Belgium people.

The Greville Janner case – This case involved a Jewish life peer of the realm of UK, Greville Janner of the Labour and Co-Operative Party, again involving child trafficking to deaths. While friends with such Mossad assets as Boris Johnson(real name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel), a Donmeh Jew, Uri Geller the mind bending spoon technician, Jimmy Saville the stooge used to cover the story of Janner, who while highly likely to have been in such monstrous deeds did drown out the headlines from the Janner case.  Janner was a strong advocate of the Soviet ‘Holocaust’ myth of World War 2.

The Epstein case – A well reported case that purported a ‘suicide’ by the Wall Street banker/investor that involved the trafficking of children and relating to the media mogul, Robert Maxwell’s daughter, Ghislane.

The William of Norwich and Simon of Trent cases – Both these cases involved child murder and the accusations of Jewish involvement in the same.

The Mary Phagan case – This case involved the rape and murder of a child by a Jew, Leo Frank, and sprang the so called “Anti Defamation League”, a Jewish lobby that has plagued politics and media alike with threatening Jewish behaviour.

The Sydney Gottlieb case – The Jewish former head of the Technical Chemical Division within the CIA known as “The Poisoner in Chief” ruined countless hundreds of millions of lives around the world with his pushing of ‘Drug Culture’ while he himself was a mass torturer and oddball chemist obsessed with poisons and how to administer them covertly. The story is one that is trying to leverage the myth of the CIA MK Ultra program and associate with the Soviet Conspiracy Theory of a “Holocaust”.

The Jewish Genocide of the British – This is a currently ongoing operation that has been in play for hundreds of years. The research done here gives names and dates of the treachery.

The Holocaust – A Jewish myth started in Soviet occupied Poland to cover up the Holodomor and to attempt to blacken the name of the European race.

The Quiggins case – This case involved Britains richest man at the time, the late Duke of Westminster, and his shadowy Jews running operations under the noble banner of the aristocrat.

The Jonathan Pollard case – This case involved a Jewish spy, Jonathan Pollard and his activities selling top level military secrets to Communist People’s Republic of China, for which he received 25 years. He is currently reported to be a Jewish guest of honour in Palestinian occupied territories.

The Menachem Stark case – This case involved dodgy land deals and accounts in banks that had a former illegitimate US Presidents name attached, Barack Obama. The New York Post ran the following headline. The headline was later forcibly removed by court action, even though the Post is Jewish owned. The defence of the Post was, “There was a list of people as long as your arm who could have wanted him dead.”. Stark was found smouldering dead at the bottom of a dumpster, killed by 2 brothers of African descent, involving prostitution, drugs and other criminal pursuits.

The Lenin and Trotsky case – The cold blooded murder of the Romanov family of the Russian Romanov Dynasty brought great riches to the backers of the 2 revolutions of the year of 1917, Paul Schiff, a Jew and his contemporise at the Federal Reserve Bank. From then the USSR dominated Asia as the Jewish Bolsheviks set their targets on an invasion of the West resulting in carnage and destruction the likes of which the world had never seen.

The Holodomor – Resulting from the Jewish takeover of Russia and surrounding countries, so the mass murders by way of famine and starvation began. The Holodomor is the name given to the Ukrainian side of the systematic mass murdering of civilians, though there are others, such as in China and Russia itself. They all derive from Jewish Bolshevism and was kept out of Western newspapers by a Jew, Jimmy Durante.

There are many more such ruthless crimes involving Jews, The Lanski case, The Dreyfuss Affair, Oliver Cromwell’s English Civil War backed by Menasseh Ben Israel, the fall of the Spanish Empire by the Jewish Corsair Barbary Pirates, the attempted assassination of Elizabeth 1 of England by her Jewish doctor. The perverted involvement granted by her father resulting in the decapitaion of 2 of his wives dues to advice taken from Jews he imported into the Royal Court to circumnavigate around the Pope’s refusal to grant him a divorce.

The Philip Green case, a Jewish ‘billionaire’ who collapsed the British Home Stores. Robert Maxwell, who absconded with the pension monies of his employees who then faked his own death by ‘jumping’ off his yacht. The Perfumo Affair and the Kray Twins, 2 Jewish gangsters at the heart of the criminal underworld who brought down a government.

The King David Hotel Massacre – A case that involved more than the massacre itself, but was in fact the beginning of what is now termed ‘modern terrorism. This was invented by Jews and many atrocities took place such as the hanging of 2 British sergeants and at least 150 other British servicemen killed or injured. 92 people died in the massacre itself, which was part of a campaign by the Jewish terrorist factions, Irgun/Lehi/Stern Gang.

No doubt there are many, many more cases involving Jewish treachery to add, but to be honest it’s difficult to name them all in one sitting, as I’ve tried to do here. I shall no doubt return in the future to add to the always and ongoing treacheries by Jews!

The Charles Mansson case – The case revolves around the Jewish paedophile rapist, Roman Polanski, who is still wanted for questioning by the FBI today. Involving one, or more members of the Beach Boys, the case follows on from the Sidney Gottlieb case of the CIA drug induced cultural Marxism led, Haight Asbury centered Sexual Revolution.

The Jerry Rubin /Alan Ginsberg case – This case revolves around Jewish communist revolutionaries, Rubin and Ginsberg, who are 2 extremely unsavoury characters of the 19650’s and 0’s era. The Yippie criminals pushed for New York style Beatnik life in California and instigated the full blown takeover of the State by Jews who had a major base in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, and continue to do so today. Rubin became a multimillionaire investing in his fellow Jew company Apple, on the NYSE, and later died roaming the middle of the streets to be killed by a car.

The Gates and Jobs case – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates used knowledge stolen from National Socialist Germany to ‘rreinvent’ the computer, originally created by Konrad Zuse in Hitler’s Germany circa 1937. Under the guise of being ‘in competition’ with IBM, Jobs and Gates, took control of what was to become a highly lucrative computer market and monopolise the whole scene by way of subversion. As Jobs, an incurable drug addict, and Gates, a plagurist, worked ‘in the garage’, they were in fact fully supported by massive institutions such as the Israeli/US government

The Manny Shinwell/Luciana Berger case – This case revolves around 2 family members who were active in the UK government in 2 separate subversions. Shinwell was a constant nuisance in . British politics for the paedophile communist Labour Party, the current ‘Opposition’ in UK today, and Berger, pronounced burger, was found out to be working for Mossad while an MP for Liverpool’s Wavertree constituency.

The Jonathan Goldstein case – Rabbi Goldstein was found to be laundering untold millions of dollars through his synagogue for the synagogue goers to run the cash through the books as donations and therefore avoid taxes. He was skimming 10% and was found out by the IRS and ‘awaits’ conviction amid US Court irregularities that keep seeing his case kicked into the long grass. The same Rabbi, now brandished a criminal, had the audacity to give a speech at the UN saying how nice Jews are, and well need to tickle their bellies.

The Jesus Christ case – A case involving, or said to be involving Jews, Romans and Gentiles. When the supposed saviour of the human race was supposed to have been voted by Jews to be killed in a vote-off between himself and the other Jesus, Jesus Barabas. Of course there has never been any evidence found to suppose that this case ever took place.

The Priti Patel case – This special import was caught meeting with many Jewish Israeli representatives, including the Mossad, to sell them contracts She was forced to resign as UK Foreign Secretary, she certainly is foreign, but then the Donmeh Jew and leader of Disraeli’s modern Conservatives, so called Boris Johnson appointed her Home Secretary. Now, she’s in a dialectic with Jewish favourite, Gary Neville, the failed England international who has been elevated in the Jewish media. They are currently portraying a dialectic using “Taking the knee” as a code for racial tension stirring in UK. If there was ny racial or social justice then there’s be a huge swathe of ships full leaving these shores!

The Larry Silverstein case – The so called ‘9/11’, aka the greatest Jewish cover up of the 2000’s so far.

The Jewish Autonomous Region – This case revolves around the claim of autonomy by Jews in a land created for them by their employee Joseph Stalin, in 1934. Hailed a pogrom, because Jews don’t like work, it created a dialectical argument to falsely suggest Jews were being persecuted, you know, just for being Jews, that old chestnut once again.

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