National Stoicism

What is Germany if not a Geminschaft?

My humble offering of anitJewish poetry in the name of Germanic Order. –

In order to borrow, I’ll need to know, from which party line, my lenders do tow.

Give me some owe, and I’ll give you some woe, I don’t need that time, I have me a hoe.

30 years you say, and I could lose my house, how does that make you, not more than a louse?

Adornments embellish your beautiful paper, let’s go outside while I fetch me rapier.

What the heck have you done, to my beautiful nation, you’ve raped, pillaged and plundered, barely leaving a ration.

You instruct me to be a politically correct, tell me I’m better to be of a country that’s wrecked.

You bring no solutions to the problems you make, come rally the pitchforks, I’ll use me rake!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, look at these banks, they’ve robbed all our treasures.

I find it not hard to write a treasonous rhyme, with prime minister, party and opposition made o’ slime.

Let’s build some scaffold, put pay to those men, and like the Holodomor… NEVER AGAIN!!!

Don’t trick me your hoax, your sick millions boast, in ovens you say, with your tricky word play.

You’ve all been found out, as despicable you are, you’ve changed all the rules, for your Metziztah B’Peh.

The drinking of blood, you defend to the hilt, and the screaming babies penis you gorge on, no guilt.

Who could enjoy your called sacred ways, that change like your skin colour, in 10 million ways.

One hand you like this, the other campaign against, who knows who you are, and from where you did whenced?

I’ll be the first to admit your smell fills the air, as for my lands, GET OUT OF THERE!


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