UN Rabbi Goldstein Guilty Plea For Tax And Wire Fraud – Sentencing Delayed

Amazing turn of events

The UN Rabbi Goldstein, who you can read from an earlier article on this blog of the calibre of man he is: Link . One theory could suggest that he’s maimed himself in a set up shooting to paint himself in such a light that could be later used in any court cases involving Tax and Wire fraud that might just randomly appear from nowhere. Would the whisper on the street about such out of leftfield possibilities evade his ears when he literally was involved in the tax and wire fraud operations, by his own admission with a guilty plea, for decades. Or are we to assume that he’s using it as a way to show that even the most humble of creatures can be falsely accused, but by turning the other cheek he’s accepting it…. Because by the looks of it he won’t be going to jail anytime soon, even though the rap carries a fiver year maximum sentence, and he’s already been sentenced to 15 months in custody. Please follow the pictures following to see the papertail in this case, which like so many case before this involving these people can spin out of control into all sorts of “Names in high places”, Jeffrey Epstein Menachem Stark, Max Mermelstein, Bernard Weinstein, Greville Janner and Jarhed Kushners illegal selling of US citizenships to communist billionaires.

Is guilty even a thing in Judaism, as they have no concept of conscience in their “religion”
Judaic nepotism
April 2021, 4 more months to go?
Link to follow

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