$tealthcare Before Cure

Boris Johnson looking better than ever as he applauds his covert privatisation of the jUK NHS.

Every bond you make, you may not be sure you made, every dollar created on the strength of your signature, you may not know you’ve created, every life taken as you’re rendered helpless in your own country, you may not know, nor wished to have taken… But like so many cruel deals of fate, there’s only ever unexplainable politics streaming from the blood dripping mouths of those that can never be held accountable for ANYTHING, they will only give up when they have squoze every last drop of blood from every stone.

There’s not a soul alive, outside of their tribe, who they haven’t monopolised into their pirate hook nosed system. Everything they say and do is geared toward keeping you away from realising your potentials, realising your powers and realising the massive scams they are running on every single person who is not of their kind. They will keep going until they are forced to implode, as the military seems to have abandoned the cause of defending land and nation, the nation being the people, in favour of those who allied with communism, or are communist. There’s no getting around what communism has brought and that the powers that be allowed that by allying with it at the cost of the whole world being forced down the drain. Link.

When did you last see your leader surrounded by his people and looking so happy about the situation due to great governance? I’ve lately been pondering what if Hitler hadn’t have bothered at all, there’d be no binary computers, the computer you use today, no plastics technology, no freeway/motorway concept, no fair distribution of wealth among the nation. There’d be no opposition to draw to face the menace we all face currently today. We’d no virtually nothing about the ways of the Jews if it hadn’t have been for the experiences of a soldier trained in modern warfare, a hero no less, to determine the shape of the enemy and how the enemy was, and is advancing.

Here’s what the current topsy turvy world looks like, not the implosion we were looking for:

Jared Kushner got $50 billion to draft a peace deal, but I don’t see any Palestinians singing his praises. Black Lives Matter was a method for Joe Biden’s Democrats to garner funds, did you notice they went away all of a sudden?

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