Know Nothing News

The Jewish leader of the Know Nothing Party, which John Wilkes Booth, the assassin who executed Abraham Lincoln, belonged to.
Levin had been injured in a duel before starting the anti-alcohol movement, a movement that would later bring prohibition and the rise of the Jewish mafia and their purple gang /murder Inc concerns. With the contraband tax free money going directly into their hands why do you think Al Capone was taken down, but you never hear of his top henchman and ‘best friend’ who was a jew, Guzik.
Then Levin went on to run anti-catholic campaigns by backing protestants against Catholics.

You can read more about the Jewish mobsters of America here.

The young lad, in the video just 96, witnessed the execution of the President of The United States, Abraham Lincoln, by the hand of a shabbos goy working under direction from the jew.

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