The Epstein Crew Bankers And The Illusions Of Democracy

The defiling of children on secret private island parties has been a remit for the celebrity bankers, Epstein was a billionaire banker, yet the general consensus about ferrel youth gives the brain dead reason to be pointing at the children and teenagers. The life of children, as we’re seeing across the Chicago area is worthless to the political rhetoric than the iconic drug user criminal element. As depicted in certain circles, these thugs and gangstas turn to jelly when they are caught up with and handed their sentences. They will follow the hollyweird lead of creating the ego maniac persons of being this and that, getting away with it. Then when daddy’s home, they’re like spoilt children hogging the headlines and causing untold looting and rioting as per the Epstein banker crew necessity.

All the while the whole scheme is propped up by the lying media who will never ask the right questions day to day. They’re given the news, not reporting on it. The blanket ban in the lamestream media on actual news is a further ridicule by the same Epstein banker crew. They’re at war with everything that is good in the world and all they do is see wierd Al Dershowitz for his harvard life methods, as he was head of the law school there, so had access to the endless libraries how to loophole the law. The Jewish element in society stands to prosper greatly from a dissolving western way of life. They’re past masters at raising capital then exploiting the markets around the world to make money from economic crashes over and over. Blame the unruly kids for being anti-social, or you can be outcast for going against the grain. The day I blame the kids for the woes of a criminal empire led society is the day the cows come home. People need to take a closer look at where they cast their assertions without taking into account the yay obvious. #ClownWorld

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