Surprise, Surprise, Germany raids ISIS But Fail To Arrest Merkel, The Facilitator.


How many geniuses does it take to change the preverbial light bulb? Link.


Hope you are all good and well, as the Israeli independence day was yesterday so can you bet your bottom dollar the ‘worst’ of the lockup has passed.


They’ve shown their hand and they have to keep their money games going.


While the People’s memes reflect a different story to the mainstream, same stream and lame stream narrative, many have been educating themselves on their rights to exist against the back drop of what was, for all intent and purpose, a complete genocide of an entire race by the Zio-Marxist world’s worst henchmen, the Jews.


So, people do appear to be heeding the warning in a big way. Keep going, victory is to be the only option!



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