Can Africa Stand Up Against The Capitalist Communists?


I found this recent video showing Communist Chinese being arrested in different countries in Africa, then slyly at the end a “White” progresses to blame Europe, US and Canada, here’s my comment :

“The White guy at the end blaming Europe, US and Canada needs to mention how the people of those places want to put in jail the politicians and media behind the Foreign Aid. In UK is the $300 million centre for malaria cure, Bill Gates was ordered to create it, why wasn’t it in Africa? Mozambique was a colony of Portugal and produced rice for Africa, now it is no longer Portuguese, so how are Europeans to blame for that? Europe fought against communism, but the victors of the war was communism.
Why did Idi Amin, Colonel Gaddafi, John Kennedy, the Shah of Iran and so many more people of great understanding warn against Israeli power and influence? The White guy mentions Henry Kissinger, but fails to elaborate. The funders of China’s rise are the same people who run Wall Street, Bloomberg, the US Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, the US government, AIPAC, the banks of the world, Rothschilds, the drugs, Sassoon family, known as the Rothschilds of the East.
It’s great to see African people stand up against communism, but don’t unfairly blame Whites, we have enough problems to solve, thanks.
I’m putting this on the blog.”



In this next video posted 20:30 today, 30th April the Nigerian man is not blaming the European, not even blaming the Chinese. No, he is just a step away from the truth, but blames the Nigerian government’s Ministry of Agriculture for allowing the precious beauty of the forest trees to be cut down and shipped to Communism. It’s the Jews buddy, they’re asset strippers. Stop them, save your country!

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