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  1. The Phony Coroni  


    COVID19 mass testing or vaccinating is a prime example of Jews harvesting, not only to claim your DNA and micro chipping but they are intentionally “Phishing” from you to give them permission to access your NI number in order for them to establish a health prescription from your ID/NI account.

    The health prescription is a negotiable instrument Bond/IOU that they can monetize through your NI.

    The more prescriptions they can gather they can then be either traded on the futures stock market or do as Israel often does ie

    “Is it a coincidence that MATIMOP a global Israeli life sciences company conducts clinical trials  in the UK while the same Jewish squatters bond trade our NHS prescriptions as stock market gilt sureties to be held as ransom in Israel in-case of boycott, then their nice little scam is for Israel to trade back to us medicine and massive technology to manage sickness instead of outright cure.” “teva” 1, ……“teva” 2,”


    This is how they revitalize their new monetary system. Notice the only solvent business thriving today is the Phony Corony because it is self financing from the blind goyim who initiate the flow of money from the prescriptions and also from charges from the Police when they refuse to obey the Planned’emic regulations. …. Contract law is business as usual for the nice Jew.

    The following link is proof that the stock market “panic” and “crisis” bonds are working their magic.Other than war this “phony coroni” lock-down is (((their))) new way of bringing in a new “solvent economy” to repair and kick start a new cycle to dupe the public into thinking ((their))) new money is real tender, when in reality it is all based on nothing more than “bond tradable instruments” hedged and waged into their future projections which is the same scam that delivered us to the position they have us in today.

    Concider this!

    If the whole world is in this global lockdown which has stopped production within all nations” Yet we are now seeing the Police out on the street phishing for manufctured chrges (bond tradable instruments) onto those who flout the social distancing rules. This means its business as usual for the money changers because you are still allowing them that fresh air power to Hypothicate pledges into their system still making you the gaurantor in absence of dividend shares that you allowed them to create in your name/national Insurance number. No wonder (((their))) world bank is loading up governments with emergency “fiat money”  to keep the planned’meic solvent, and handing out compensation to “corporate businesses” to help save their monopoly infrastructure.

    Meantime us goyim/sheep are being offered, on application, small bridging loans to see each of us through this illusion ….

    Of course that can only happen because its all coming in by the back door and now need your customer base to kick start their new conjured up money which will inevitably sustain and expand the world debt.

    These rats in government need to be stopped in order for us to bring in the remedy for 100% employement after this lockdown which cant be done unless we drag these rats out of their puppet positions and implement a Gottfried Feder economic model under the protection of Autarky….

    These rats only understand the “Dockers Hook”


    #PeterQuiggins #PhonyCoroni #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #Handsometruth #COVID19  #CORONAVIRUS #5G #petercooneyenabler

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