The Capitalist Communist Clean Up Act For The Paymaster Monsters

Shigh Society – The Golden Rule, Keep Shtum

Getting on the social ladder seems so easy for some, so difficult for everyone else. Apart from the cost of living the social life, there’s the teams of PR people hovering around to make sure that the artificial social scene is kept well within Mossad’s parameters. The funky musicians who get to rise up to the levels of their social class are performing concerts for them behind the scenes. The private life of government types, and their crew, have the clout they have because, they throw crumbs off the table when they need to to keep their shabbos goyim in tow. Link.

unnamed (1)
Boris Johnson “I love China”
bj xi
Published mid Feb 2020

I tend to try my very best to keep updated in the clown world political mess, but obviously there’s always going to be certain things that get through the filter. Here I’ve found that Boris Johnson received a nice phone call from Jewish bolsheviks favourite on the throne over there in Communist China, President Xi Jinping, it’s on the official Communist China government website. Link. Among the many inconsistencies of this “bat virus”, which according to the boffs at Cambridge started earlier than first reported, though they say not whether it’s from bats or not. Boy, where do they all get off? Link.


After a quick glance to try to make it easier, I found that Johnson’s father, son of Ali Kemal Bay of the former Ottoman Empire, from where Benjamin Disraeli’s own father had come from. It’s reported in Boris Johnson’s wiki page, Early Childhood, that his father worked at the World Bank, then moved into population control, yet it doesn’t say it on his own wiki page. Link. Link. Boris was a journalist, and I was looking at the rates for journalists, considering all the hard work they do in this quagmire of patch and mend politics were billionaires pay MP’s more not to pay taxes than it would cost to actually pay the taxes. Incidentally, that’s why there’s no money flowing back into the eco-no-monies, because the offshore siphoners send it all to Israel to make endless arms deals. So, within the BBC there are forty two journalists on no less than £150,000 a year. That’s a lot of lies to keep paying for not to be reported, here’s the link. Link.

The unelected mouthpiece for the public

In this next link, Jew Dominic Raab, minister of whatever lies next, said that he would take over Boris’s place, but Boris ‘would lead from the hospital bed’. That was even in intensive care, now when Boris was “cured”, or whatever, the statement came that he was doing well and playing games and watching films. So, is that what they do when they lead generally, or was that just after phone calls from Xi Jinping about how, and I quote “The Prime Minister said he fully agrees with President Xi in that no country can stay immune to the pandemic and countries must enhance cooperation. The UK supports the WHO in playing an important role and hopes that parties will deepen cooperation within the G20 and other multilateral frameworks. China will host the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and Britain will hold the 26th UN Climate Change Conference this year. They are good opportunities for the two sides to promote international cooperation in health and epidemic prevention.

Prime Minister Johnson added that he looks forward to keeping in close contact with President Xi and visiting China at an early date when the pandemic is over in an effort to jointly advance UK-China relations.” Link.

bjohnson pedos

UK Home Secretary, in charge of Police, Priti Patel chosen for the front bench by Boris Johnson



President Rivlin with the special envoys fron the US and Europe.
Same Lord Pickles in Israel who said it’s “Delicious” to have his Mossad spy on the inside

boris and kids

Trump and andrew


Boris and Andrew

Here’s a couple of links to the military trade triangle between US-Israel-China. Link. Link.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu inspects honour guards during a welcoming ceremony in Beijing

Link. Link.

That kosher buy-in. Link.



  1. Peter: I made a comment last week on one of your post’s that must have gone to Spam as it contained a link to a radio interview with the late Bobby Fischer on how bad the Jews are.

    1. I only get shown what gets commented, I don’t know about a spam thing. The latest you commented on, by my records, is The Richest Irresponsible Entities Will Skin You Dry article.

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