No Better Than Free – Still No LOCKUP in Sweden


Despite the clear death of freedom, #CronyVirus still bares some fruits of freedom. The terrorist governments around the world have made it a Hollywood horror movie to think to go near people in the usual way. To believe they are not up to something is naive at best, and plain old dumb otherwise. They will skin you of every last breath, every last deed and every last con they can win over you, they’ll try it. You don’t believe that, what’s your solutions above and beyond their complete removal, by force recommended, and replaced with a systematically functional and willing government? Link.

I could go on to the scenario now with Bill Gates’s Microsoft winning the Pentagon cyber security contract, worth $10 billion, and that his mother Mary Maxwell Gates worked with United Way as Chair, with IBM’s John Opal, the supposed historic arch nemesis of Microsoft. That that operation was rooted as a Jewish charity first, and therefore obviously foremost. That his father William was a banker at the Federal Reserve Bank. Why, with all his $billions has Gates never once mentioned the children of South Africa now being dragged into starvation and destitution? Link.


    1. He’s definitely evil, the nerd thing is a rally cry for the evil doers to offer a tribe to those with interest in tech. I’d call it something of a misnomer, if you catch my drift?

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