Hoax o’caused – To Hoax,Or Not To Hoax, That Is The Question

Brett Crozier
It’s Hoax O’Clock Goyim, Or Is It ?

Controlling the science labs all over the planet sure puts the #CronyVirus peddlers, Jewish Bankers(Jews), at world’s most advantageous position, couple that up with control of mass media and all of the enforcement clowns. Like, Brett Crozier, former commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, who was a traitor to the American people. Now the Jews have ordered Trump to make an ‘Anti-Drug’ attack on crippled, revolutionised and  communist Venezuela. This anti-drugs thing was one of the tickets he was going on in the run in for his first term, and hey presto… problem, reaction and solution. Link.


While the world waits for the Crony Virus cure to come along the Jews men in the offices that count dole out loans, then don’t, then do, then don’t. Currently they’re asking the ‘Elites’ shop window mannequins to take a drop in pay of 30%. It kind of reminds me of when former President of Korea, President Park, was being waited for her announcement with baited breath about her stance on the nuclear threat by Jewish media manufactured menacing spectre, North Korea. Then she announced that women’s skirt lengths above the knee could be 1/4′ higher than they had been before. That was it, doors closed an off she went, ultimately, to jail, where I believe she still is.

The Yids Soccer Club Of London

In summation, the Jew bankers have everyone guessing if they’re hoaxing, or if it’s real. Youtube Jewthers like Amazing Polly and PatreonForTruth, he goes by Jason Goodman. Not only Jewish mass media are running the circus antics, but behind the scenes the Jews are trying to line their ducks up, again, as China takes it’s next steps for the “New Wave” of #CronyVirus heading their way.

Jew, Jason Goodman, sheckeling with the #CronyVirus

What a storyline to keep the Goyim jumping around in fear, at least jumping from room to room. As now Lord Rothschild best mate, Lord Sainsbury bans people walking around in twos in ‘his’ shops. It’s kind of reminiscent of the klondyke era in the Wild West, where Jews owned all the supply stores, and of course they send their henchmen with giant herds of cattle to run through the towns that wouldn’t yield. These Jews are not new to what they do, I actually believe they were the cause of the Warring States period, as they suddenly appear in Sumeria/Babylon with not much history before that, and they circumcise, which is parallel with the false eunuchs, and not false, ie genital mutilation of children, of the Chinese Imperial Court. When looking at things like the art of war and many other styles of twists and tales in Chinese folklore the parallels are uncanny. Why would the power hungry turn into the power mad?

Breaking, because #CronyVirus is not contained, they contain the people.

The inconsistencies of their lies give them away. It’s also a contention of mine that the apparent ‘birth of Western civilisation’, in Ancient greece, just happens to correspond with the arrival of the first Jews into Europe, the Romaniotes. Link. Are their ivory towers so impregnable when the house of cards theory, Jewish money system, is swept by a counter-narrative exposing the Emperor and his no-clothes new clothes. The Gotfried Feder economic system is built on what made America great, and that is that the only real value is that of production. It’s a no-brainer, of course people are the only ones who can create, invent and innovate, yet the values attached have been neatly and safely tucked away in Tel Aviv for the last 75 years. Now though, the thoughts of many are outweighing the thoughts of the chosen few. Link.

Keep guessing Goyim, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do. It’s all part of power play tactics. As in, they get to call the shots, you get to continue to be mislead and subservient to their commands.

This could be something, or could be nothing, but Trump’s current legal counsel, Alan Dershowitz, who was the lawyer for OJ Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein, Jonathan Pollard and Harvey Weinstein, and also someone who is close to Ben Shapiro is interviewed here on Israeli tv talking about how Jews in America have little to zero interest in Israeli politics anymore. That was somewhat reflected in how the recent AIPAC conference was virtually deleted out of the popular media outlets. One thing about Dershowitz that is really brilliant is he perfectly demonstrates the lengths of snakey/chameleon camoflauged thinking a Jew can get to. He’s not one or the other, then he is, then he’s that, next he’s something else. Yes, it’s fine when it’s all good, but it never is where and when Jews are concerned, or prove me wrong. Link. Link.

Almost the Woody Allen of the legal world.


  1. We are all being chutzpahed ie toilet roll pannick, paracetamol panick and the more bank loans advice and now the 8oclock clapping on the doorstep praising the front line staff all add up to (((their))) https://antizionistleague.com/scrapbook/jewish-influence/linguistics-philology/yiddish/chutzpah/

    Alder Hey Liverpool.


    “The recent Cyber attack against Britain’s NHS asset ………A great way to negotiate and supply a £50m contract to change a tech system just before privatisation to another Jewish company. Oy Vey!!!


    1. Just went out, dead bodies all over the shop. Luckily they were told to social distance by the trusty government, who are most likely sipping cocktails on Tel Aviv beach with the rest of the crew.

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