The Word From China–CCP Is Evil

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Reiterating what is already known in the West about Israeli power and influence in the former Maoist-Leninist regime, nowadays it’s Marxist-Dengism that blends Marx’s Capitalist/Communism with Trumpist-Netenyahuism. You can view the link here to hear some truth of how the Chinese people are despotic towards the Chinese people. Link.

Given the above video, see link, refers to the Chinese being labelled as the Germans have been labelled about the treatment of Jews, and the facts positively show communism is of the Jewish mind. Is it pertinent to look for any sort wandering in by the nose folk into China for MALEVOLENCE? Link.


Think about it, isn’t it Jews who push the multicultural angle, and use China to levy up their clout on the world stage by being the monopoly holders of capitalism and communism. With the investment of Israel into China, qui bono, when considering the US/Israel relationship.



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  1. “Now that Nationalism is on the rise, not just in Italy (being the first EU nation to be taken into lock down because of the massive rise) but I beleive it to be across the planet, the main focus being on the “Jewish question” one can only conclude that this new mysterious corona virus pland’emic has been a great way to deflect attention away from the (((perpetrators))) of chaos.

    What next? Well Britain’s 2020 May elections have been suspended for year; is this the next level before they blanket matial law across our nation. Meanwhile border control turns a blind eye to a new mass immigration flood across the whole of Europe.

    Beware the well-poisoners with their (((Pland’emic))).… Love from Israel’s puppet nation “Communist China”;
    Whether it be real” or not” one must consider logic before panic.”

    #Coronavirus, #Covid19 #PeterQuiggins #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL

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