The Richest Irresponsible Entities Will Skin You Dry


Lying, cheating toe-rags on the make are the murderers who are always so pitiful and in need of public support. They set that support through their own media outlets, and crush any alternative opinions. Every voice pitted outside of their control is smashed with their army of super ding dong high tech gibberish that could feed every mouth for ten thousand years, but not… War first, Misery first, Money first. They are a despicable tribe that need stopping by the powers that can. They need throuncing as they know they deserve, because all the black mailing in the world hasn’t stopped the conscience driven from going rogue.

buyn it

The sooner they are rid out of politics and public office the better. Then people with genuine interest, genuine care and genuine knowledge and experience of actual well meant competence can take us ALL together to heights that this planet has not been known to reach. There are vast human resources who have been completely wiped out of the social, economic, industrial and cultural world map because the others are super greedy hoarders. With all that they claim to have made, yet they can’t/won’t share… What’s the big deal with not sharing? With not making life a better situation? What the heck is wrong with their wiring? Get them all out!!! Let’s have an actual peaceful world free from Muh Holohaoxers once and for all. Link.

pink elephant

Due to the fact they can no longer teach the myth of the Holocaust, Politico says schools may not ever open again. True they didn’t say because they can’t teach the holohoax anymore, but what reason would school be if they can’t brainwash the children with their pink elephants? Link.


  1. Goy Enlightenment. “Welcome to the sickness grid tech of 5G! designed in “Israel” for  everyone! but maybe not “Israel”…Oy Vey!!”

    “Crisis acting and terror false flag scenarios are all part of military propaganda remit passed through governmental policy across the globe. Our own military is now the surrogate enforcer for who we now know to be “)’wsh Bolshevists” who are more than likely using far advanced nano hybrid organic technology such as nervous system manipulation, or Magnetobioligy that can Pavlov condition society with low frequency subliminal, and silent communication methods that if not already in use may be impacting instruction, or a slow-kill sickness on more susceptible individuals, Similar to how the silent dog whistle manipulates the dog.”

    #Coronavirus, #Covid19 #PeterQuiggins #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL

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