Rothschilds and the Krays

Rothschild talking about his family connections and business relations

My comment on the video, in case it’s removed – “They both sound like a couple of tax dodger hoarders on the make. God knows the blood spilled so they can enjoy the fruits of their misery making is far from that led by any mind with a conscience. As for the cat, well I’m sure there’s plenty of National Health beds missing to have paid for that… I could go on, but, in fairness to the unsuspecting public of these obvious spivvy conmen I’ll put the rest of my thoughts of their “Art Collecting” on the blog.”

The misery peddling of the Jew bankers is unparalleled to keep them in clover, and it’s a travesty that for those that “were Germans” and are now, what? English, British… What the hell are they? They just grab a new badge and off they go to easy street leaving trails and trails of blood spilled in the streets they haunt. Link.

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