Sustainable Eco-Demics, Unsustainable Epi-Demics


In the free world, were freedom for everyone, has suddenly become paramount for the shabbos goy politicians as ammo to forcefeed the public forums, all along attempting to veneer us away from their paymasters at Yad Vashem. The $6 million politicians literally spew bent politics without a pause all day long and become extremely angry when quizzed with obviousness. I don’t recall strongarming being part of a civil society. Watching the fast talking, loud mouth Jews tell us how despicable our non Jewish lands are, and how we live needs to be obliterated is the main thrust of domestic politics of our lands, even amid mass protests. In juk now local elections have been banned, as well as the election for a new London mayor, qui bono? Let’s look at some ancient history of Jews, and what a shocker, they did the same then as they do now. Link.

crony virus

Silencing goyim has been a job immemorial for Jews and, as the saying goes “The Jew will always say what’s happened to him, but he’ll never say why.” That Russian proverb about what template model Jews follow is the same whether it be Russia, Canada or Timbuktu. Link. Jews fleeing persecution the rally call for Jewish conversion to hide their Jewiness, but time tells. Those opportunistic types who endeavour to find ways to navigate through the Jewish Shetar madness find themselves very, very busy with money, excitement, interest and all sorts of well played through scenarios that goyim have no inkling over at the outset. Being invisible is the perfect dream of Jews wishing to fleece goyim, indeed the only saving grace, so far, seems to be that Jews must really struggle sleeping knowing there are goyim out there they haven’t fleeced that day.

africa fish

Picture above taken from a recent article in the FT, were Europeans are being blamed for stealing Africa’s fish, even though it’s well known that the Communist Chinese raid the African waters incessantly and then skip outside of the fishing boundaries. Yet, there are credible claims that the EU, which is not Europe are wiping out the fish of Africa, as they have done largely with the fish of Europe, as the EU are basically the former USSR Jewish mob. That being said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, now while Israel’s economy bloats up like it’s going out of fashion, so the African population does, so the food is coming from somewhere. In Europe the goyim are literally running round chasing toilet paper left and right, so they have plenty to wipe their tears as the soccer is banned. Link to the FT article. Link to Communist Chinese stealing fish. Link to ‘Bog Rolls or Drum Rolls’ article.



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