Joseph Stalin 67 Years After Being Poisoned To Death On 5th March, 1953

crapitalism is communism

While for the goyim, kept in the dark about the true extent of the near endless blood spilling policies of the Soviet Union, so time goes by and more and more comes to light about whether allying with such a despotic criminal empire was more criminally insane than just criminal. Stalin headed the Politburo, who in fact were the decision makers of the great workers paradise. Link.

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Here are some very interesting links to the SMERSH, which Ynet has forgotten to mention, and in the book ‘SMERSH – Stalin’s Secret Weapon’ by Vadim J Birstein, then we learn more of the extent of the disappearances of whole governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Plus, how Stalin was already in operational capacity of the invasion of the West, yet wished for a triggering of war with Germany and England for his own advantage in, as he said –

Stalin quote

In the world war Germany lost more civilians than soldiers, though after the war some many millions remain unaccounted for. In Japan, Emperor Hirohito surrendered to protect the Japanese Race from being made extinct by the allies of Stalin’s USSR, given Stalin had three busy Jewish wives in tow, and had replaced both Lenin and Trotsky, both Jews who had ‘died’, convenient for shop window politics and Stalin. Yet the case remains, the USSR was a highly influential killing machine the likes of which had never been seen, or at least is yet to be revealed. The famous “Ten years, without the rights to write a letter” was code for he/she was executed already. The orphans of the husbands and wives killed, for they were largely killed in tandem, were starved to death and dropped in ditches. People enquiring as to the welfare of the dead children, numbering at around .25 of a million, were told to look among the bones and see if they can piece together who they’re looking for.

3 goons stalin, lenin and trotsky

As with the running series James Bond, written by Arthur Conan Doyle, who was mysteriously getting intel on SMERSH and Casino Royale and the following movie both strongly reference to SMERSH. So, also the series Reilly, Ace of Spies is another venture into Soviet style, aka Jewish, espionage and subversion. Link. I’m literally swamped with links to post and frame accordingly to follow more than a random narrative, and yet I’ve literally never seen a single reference to SMERSH ever in my life in the mainstream media. SMERSH is basically the secret police within the NKVD/NKGB, which became KGB and the current administration of the Russian Federation is 100% former KGB officers working with Putin. Obviously it’s still running, and the rumours underpin the theory, nowadays we may call them Mossad/Mi5/CIA. They are the Internationalist web woven around the outside of the people’s consciousness. Link.

SMERSH make the Cheka look like schoolboys, an that’s no short order, the number of prisoners they had in the SMERSH prisons was 6 million. Now, with all that’s been said and done in the West with the redistributing of the Blacks from the Southern States and the Jewmaicans, Pakistanis and Indians, as well as Nigerians, Ugandans, Nepalese and all manner of non Europeans into Europe, yet the call being we need people to build the economies. Well, my question is, wouldn’t the 26 million Russians killed under Stalin’s rule, the 16 million Ukrainians of the Holodomor and the many millions suffered death because of Stalin’s stubbornness have been better alive as assets to their home, Europe, than this macabre death machine being allowed to waylay Europe’s finest. By the way, the same SMERSH ideology is very much in play today, it never goes away. Link.

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