The Enticement of Oliver Cromwell

2 percent

In one single letter from a Jew, Menasseh Ben Israel, Oliver Cromwell was being enticed into taking the throne. It is not something he’d rallied the troops for, but obviously then, as now, the tripe controlled the media. In fact it’s been said that the English Civil Wars were about the printing press. Link. Link.

The youth are implying there’s a problem with the official narrative

It’s often incorrectly stated that Cromwell ‘let’ the Jews back into England, but the truth reveals they had never gone away, just “converted”, much like the converso Jew, Tormequada, aka the Grand Inquisitor head of torture in “Jew Free Spain”. Nope, they’d never left, found out about this reading one of Lord Jewbergers speeches on the Supreme Court website, which he was Chief Judge for, him being a survivior of the ovens and all, what luck for him. He’s currently busy working away with his mates organising what freedoms you will be allowed by him on the internet. Link.

Jews had instead chosen to appear not as Jews and came up with the notion of a “Domus Conversorum” a House of Converts.. It was not a stationary place, just where they put a sign on the door. For example it was the Tower of London at one point, where they minted the coins, and did all the tortures. Link.

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