Communist China Plan To Take Africa, Asia and Latin America For Israel.


This is a serious statement by the Cambridge University Press, but why aren’t they screaming it from the rooftops? Link.

PM Netanyahu: “Our two peoples are two peoples with a glorious past, a difficult in-between period and then soaring to the future. I think that we can greatly enhance this future by our cooperation.” Link.



  1. Imperialism is Jewish supremism by proxy…..

    Securing “the Shetar” within all guest nations out in their diaspora was another positive “increment” and by “accretion” supremacy was guaranteed by proxy, the crest wave arrived once a homeland “Israel” and two concepts had been secured within its Zionist politics “anti Semitism” and the fictional “6m” both secured into law, the two main conceptual scams that their agents out in their diaspora lobby into patent within guest puppet nations which has helped clear a route for their zio-Marxist, racially driven foot soldier, goy proponents who help secure Usury while rolling out “internationalism”.”

     #PeterQuiggins #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL

  2. The Long MarchIf you study history, politics and the Rabbi’s magic Lantern “TV” with a critical eye with an understanding of (((their))) secret ingredient that they use and abuse to denigrate and guilt the European into submission with psychological terrorism through the “Marxist Dialectic”, being a distorted version of “Hegelian’s dialect (Hegel’s observations of natural behavior) only then will conclusions start to unravel. Seeing repetitive patterns which, for millennia the money changers have used on us “Goy” to socially change the mood, demographics and cultural landscape and attitude of nations while playing global table tennis with economies of each, transferring at will, financial and economic power to their next level of global policing now being seen as “(((Harbin, Shanghai and Kaifeng Jews)))” former puppet masters to the old psychopath leader “Mao Tse Tung”, deep seated oriental looking Jews who are now in full control of China through their so-called! “economic miracle”, the miracle that over decades (((Marxist worker’s unions))) around the world helped transfer “labour and production” in the guise of “strikes”, redundancies, automation, health and safety rules/reg’s, minimum wage and the class war” Scam! while the power of the (((merchants))) media weapon of distraction taught us to leisurely consume and without guilt “indulge” but produce nothing!! ….Yes (((Jews))) behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung in China who murdered 80 million countrymen’…. and nationalists, being the last line of defense of any nation is always (((their))) ultimate target ….. Link here….     here…….  and here….. Take note! Jw’s do not fit into a stereo-type that their Hollywood propagandists like to portrait. (See my “Pinterest” photo album of Chameleons) … Link hereThese Chinese looking Jews have certainly done a genocidal job and blended in amongst an unaware automaton, in waiting Police force”, a well-groomed “Goy” force, fuelled on misguided colonial fictions of perdition that induces hate towards the Europeans which, to the unaware and well-groomed 1.386 billion Chinese folk justifies redemption against the, now fluoridated, and vaccinated Europeans who’s declining birth-rate, street gang drug wars, mental health, cancer and induced apathy epidemic has turned us into profitable customers and more so! sitting ducks for the Jw’sh banker crime families….. Wake up we are being “Monsanto and Sassoon” culled!It must also be noted! a “pendulum axe” swings over China’s “goy work force” in the guise of automation. Is this part of the trigger to help their (((Bolshevik masters))) reprogram and stampede a global army to expand their “George Orwell’s Dystopia”, the road map that shepherds us closer to their “Jewish Dominion/Noahide Law” ……  ‘Inside China’s High-Tech Dystopia’”For Israel to mobilise a major part of its global Police force “China”, the nation/people of China would have to believe a major financial catastrophe is looming and one such example that stinks of mortgage manipulation meant to brace up the Chinese while instilling a false sense of security in the west is the recent article in the (((Telegraph Jws’paper))) 26th April 2019 “China can no longer afford the Silk Road, and that is a blessing for the world”.. But! One must consider Israel/Jw’s being the “Shetar” global accountants in the background, always holding “foreseen bail out solutions” Will trigger another major situation in the west that will enable them to send forth the rest of their customers (China’s military) to protect “China’s offshore land banks” which are already being manned and secured in ie Africa, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, etc to name but a few. It doesn’t take a genius to work such an outcome for “Hypothecated/pledge/Shetar contracts” in wait for defaults to justify land transfers as was previously discussed in the “Yiddish Ambush”. Link here..…..Be alert to anti white/Caucasoid and population control symbols of hate! “((( ⭐️✡ ☭w’s)))”

    5 African Nations Most in Debt to China | China Uncensored”
    #PeterQuiggins #killerculture   #antizionistleague   #antitraitors   #HolodomorInfo  #ScottRoberts  #GDL

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