CHUTZPAH: Citizens Or Hostages – Poisonous Politics Making People High

Average football watching, cocaine taking lap dance spending liberal goy!

Having a different view, one that may go in the face of adversity is surplus to the requirements of Stalin’s Historical and Dialectical Materialism recipe. Link. Even looking at the Wiki page shows that only three languages can be chosen to describe Stalin”s 1938 work. Link. The uncanny part of that year is that it is also the year of Erie v Tompkins, and even more strange is that some random Jew guy, also called Tompkins turns up owning the third largest fresh water reserve in Argentina. Back to the Erie v Tompkins case which basically drafted Internationalism in America, as it was needed to set up an alliance for what became Federal Common Law. You can read about that case here, bear in mind it is a set up to serve a purpose for Judaic control, and not for Judaism the religion in some sort of theocracy, but the biological Jew. Link.

The Road To Internationalism :-


The Marxiam 1st International
The Marxiam 2nd International
The Marxiam Communist International
The Marxiam 4th International

Oy vey!

1st Israel International
First International Bank of Israel
The Perestroika Deception: Memoranda to the Central Intelligence Agency
Book by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Link.
Johnson & Rothschild
Johnson wailing wall.jpg
Do you ever see a Rothschild at the Wailing Wall?
Zuckerberg gets to print his own money


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