What More Criticisms For A National Socialism?


We’ve heard every, EVERY, criticism of the political concept called “National Socialism”, and that’s tickety boo, we’d like to thank those bringing their side of that one sided argument for their antics. Now, for the people who wish to appropriate a sensible method to deconstruct an argument then it’s only right and proper to hear another side of the argument, and yet still, perhaps, not it’s exhaustive bringings.

Living under this regime of Internationalist Globalist Capitalist Communist Zio-Marxism for the Modern Era has tolls to pay, yet, what tolls a paid under a regime that is functionable? It’ long been my argument that anything is functionable without a certain Nose Brigade acting, as they are, like the Stasi of former East Germany. As it appears that all of the profits of our ‘AusterityTM’ held nations are geared toward saving into the coffers for when certain important ‘Off-Shore Facilitators’ are in need of hundreds of millions boost while the workers pay for it. Enter a National Socialist dogma for reimbursing the Thomas Cook people, as one example, with the insurances that they’ve paid for, rather than the current scenario were the Jewish Occupying Military Force of Former USSR is running German and has just paid off the CEO with 380 million Euros ‘loan’ to heroic cheers, while 21,000 now unemployed people sign on the dole. Link.

Most people will jump to the conclusions of “Those Germans must have won the war”, which is the perfect scenario the real current victors of World War Two would have it in order for you to face the wrong enemy. The art of Multi Faced Conflict is a scenario of getting allies to turn on one another in order to get allies while creating disruption and ultimately destruction for you to come in riding the white horse and be hailed the hero. This is how the Dialectic of Marxism works, and that is a Dialectic completely opposed to the Hegelian Dialectic that is so often pinned to it, again conveniently.

Others may say that to give the 380 millions to 21,000 former employers would be unwarranted, and that is an agreeable thing, unlike how politicians, The Regime, conduct business these days. Show me one thing of any actual worth that they do all agree on and are advancing on that? Good luck with that. What if the scenario of Thomas Cook read that those who had been paying for their own employment insurances, as is the case with every employee, except for Jewish ones, for whom I’ve never seen their actual documentation as guests in the nations they enclave in. Has anyone seen their documents? Do they need them? Would they warrant their amazing abilities to climb socially and financially in lands that they simply land in with golden handshakes? What of the calibre of skill sets against the host nation’s people’s? Even their convictions to do well for the country they’ve cuckooed?

Neigh, it is to say that homegrown individuals when promoted, supported and encouraged bring about a much more, or even an actual sympathetic to home nation people’s climate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s actually a far superior way to engage business and here’s why. Life is cyclical and gaining positions for the next generation to build upon is a healthy way. Take going to the gym, dieting, learning, anything that’s accumulative is always more healthy than to sabotage it from within by the hands of those from without, right? If I’m going for a walk with friends and then suddenly new imports from other continents get paid to take walks in my stead, then how long is that a sustainable concept for my walk taking?

Let’s run the scenario of dieting, if imports are brought in from other continents to diet for me, and get paid to do so, paid by me, obviously. Then how sustainable is it that they now get to eat my diet food? And so on it goes with every scenario and not least politics. Politics of course being the way to make laws for government expenditure on behalf of the people. Yes, bringing in imports from other continents in a minimal sense can be a good thing AFTER everyone is happy with their lot and the society is functioning in a Golden Bubble of Wealth, Health and Wisdom. Basing a scenario of political will on an entire country to work together for amicable ends surely is a positive route for all. With many hands to the pump, an English idiom of setting many people to work with aims shared, then the workload is lightened exponentially.

For example two people working together can produce more efficiently than two men working independently. It’s a simple matter of mechanics. Drop these bozo types who competently run things deliberately with incompetence, have zero challenges to their pantomimes, yet sit in the top restaurants eating the most expensive foods, just because. It’s called CHUTZPAH and is a toxic poison set on those who prosper in order to exactly what is playing out here. Since 2008, when I first encountered the internet, I’m yet to see an actual living politician of any integrity that’s in office. Yet, the argument for National Socialism is not allowed… Go figure!



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