Actuarial Science: Contingencies Evaluating

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Actuarial Science is the fastest growing industry in the world’s largest eco-no-money, America. It is comprised of evaluating risk for insurance and reinsurance companies. The Jew capitalist communist internationalist globalist system that’s being forced on EVERYONE by the victor criminals of the former USSR, now Israel and their Synagogue Rabbinical network would have you believe reckoning contingencies is near impossible, without their Kosher approval that is. So, it takes decades for the normal route to eventually qualify you as an actuary, and by that time you know you better not be opening your mouth or your Jew benefits will be quashed and all your years evaluating will be scrapped. Though I have met an actuary who lost all of his money in the crash of 2008 and he looks the worst for it.

We can recognise something of the ‘genius’ of evaluating contingencies on the fly by seeing how Hollywood portrays the replacement heroes in unnatural circumstances. Like Batman, Spiderman or even James Bond and other characters created by Jewish minds, or Jewish influenced minds. Scraping the barrel with those character personalities rubs the wrong way in society, and therefore is the perfect frame to load the minds of the unsuspecting public as their necessity for creative, constructive and/or critical thinking becomes enjoindered into the idiocracy framework of Jewish Banking Criminals, the JBC. I think that by now people reading this blog have unhooked their minds  from the Jewish Freudian-Marxism to be like an eagle soaring above the mundane and enjoying the benefits of actually having a functioning brain.

I hope that many readers of this blog, which garners hits from over one hundred and eighty countries, are young minded and youthful hearted. So, we can begin to deconstruct genius patterns of behaviour by rationalising what is actuarial science, and further what of evaluating contingencies with that science. Basically at it’s simplest level it is a binary outlook of what risks can occur, or risk, for short. Risk analysis, game theory and pattern recognition are the major keys of the basics of looking at scenarios, actions or ventures and looking the ‘What if’s’. Example: Plane leaves Chicago to New York, with what risks? None, some, blows up, cancelled etc… A limited number of possible versus probable scenarios. Most likely, as history shows planes leaving for Chicago to New York follow the timetable without hindrance or delay. Yet, walking through Chicago with a bag of weed sticking out your pocket while you open carry may spark a something. What could be sparked, you sit and smoke and get high, you make some new friends, you get shot at, you die from a bullet, or bullets and have your stash robbed. That in turn causes riots for free weed by way of some unscrupulous individuals who don’t have the mindset to share. So, they’re just two examples to play with and you can go enjoy evaluating contingencies at your leisure… Then, count in how politics is ran.

Look at the ‘policies’ of governments, are they assessed by all manner of evaluating? Actuarial Science, as a things gives you the keys to unlock how to see the managed dissent by the politicians on the pay roll, blackmailed or just there for the fun of abusing the public, because their sociopaths, cough *JEWS* cough!

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