Mos’sad-iq Kohn: Mayor of Mossad Joined By Mossad Spy Luciana Berger And Her Former Lover

kahn jew

New York’s Mossad faction rally to fight anti-Jewish Supremacy under the guise of people being anti-Middle-Eastern. I don’t think anyone has a beef with Middle Eastern people who aren’t promoting Jewish Supremacy. The Jewish Supremacists, aka Jews, project their hate onto others in a sort of jello-spined method of pseudo reverse psychology. No one likes Jewish Supremacy, but Jews love it, and love to be hated for it. Link.

What better way to keep an enemy confused than to have apparent conflicting enemies join up and fight for unity on one front, then bomb the very civilians they say they seek unity with on their own home front. Of course it’s anti-Semitic to suggest that Israeli Jews… ANYTHING!!! Link.

Luciana Berger: “I said Moss Head, not Mossad.”

Berger, pronounced burger, has been parachuted from her ejector seat in Wavertree to Golder’s Green, a Jewish hive of Orthodoxy to run for Margeret Thatcher’s old seat, for the Liberal Democrats. In a statement she revealed she’d though long and hard about it, and Chuck Ummuma, her past love, has moved there to run for Lionel de Rothschild’s old seat, City of London and Westminster. There he was the first Jew to be admitted into the English Parliament, as it then was, and even had the law changed to accommodate his belligerence to the English government, who were already engaged in his Jewish war of opium in China for his counterpart the Sassoons of Baghdad. Or should I say, formerly of Baghdad, now of Singapore, where Jewish billionaire opium traders gathered under the East India Company (pirate)Flag. Link.

More importantly as we approach one hundred years since the Zenoviev Letter and the collapsing of the first Labour government, under Lloyd George, one must be reminded that Berger’s great-uncle was Manny Shinwell. You can read more about the connections of Berger’s Jewish subversive family ties here: Link.

Berger’s former Mossad Spy Mentor Louise Ellman, Jewess.
Luciana Berger and former lover, Chuka Umunna, are both switching to new seats for the election


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