Bibi Nete Flicks – Who Is Behind The Poison Well In The Living Room?

neti flix

Consider how almost every home has one, no one can debate it, as it’s not alive, and it’s a constant stream of stimulus. No matter how far one goes one will find a TV glaring away with a smug Jew involved in the producing, directing, funding and/or starring. Has anyone cared to recall that it was common parlance to suggest that people who read books are generally more intellectually served? That the TV serves little but trash since it’s been utilised as a covert propaganda machine.

If we compare how the TV functions inside of the home with other physical stimulii then maybe we can find something to draw on that’s significant. For example Netflix founder Marc Randolph is the son of a Jewess from Brooklyn, and an Austrian-born Nuclear engineer, which also fits the profile of being a Jew. Yes, Racial profiling is a thing, and it’s all fair game when it reveals what it reveals. So, not only is Hollywood top heavy in Jewish Supremacist diatribe, including the underbelly of ‘Adult Entertainment’. It bodes well to be alert of what the agendas of the Jewish Supremacists are.

Obviously the trend is to call out endless Jewish trash productions such as Seinfeld, Imagine, Saturday Night Live and a whole host of other agenda driven Marxist Dialectic propaganda. Even when the Jew remains at arms length, or appearing to, there are still entertainment insurance policies to  buy into for studio production. The advent of YouTube was seen as a move in the right direction for budding filmmakers to be as creative as they wished within the parameters of the wider audience spectrum. Lo and behold not five minutes after YouTube hits the information super highway and we find out it’s run by Jews.

Now, albeit against public policy for me, the non kosher approved White male, not to have anything against Jews, and thereby go against Israeli Foreign Policy of ‘Anti-Semitism and Holohoax Denial’, yet I haven’t somehow managed to “Get Lucky” and rustle up $6 Billion to start my own YouTube, Amazon, Google or other such. Gee, what bad luck for Goyim. Yet, I haven’t seen any non Jew manage to “Get Lucky” with a similar endeavour unless he’s dripping in Jews and Jewish Supremacy. So, what of a non Jew diatribe for the media platform of the TV in every home? Is it automatically anti-Semitism not to have a Jew glued to every project? YES. Is it anti-Semitism to wish to portray healthy and wholesome family values without trash toilet humour and all manner of false demographics portrayed on the screens in every home? YES.

Is it fair that the unsuspecting public are face with an enemy within that is of a nature that given alternatives for viewing the majority of viewers might just prefer not to watch such trash as Alan Yentob’s posse push down people’s throats. The agendas of course are the Holocaust, LGBT and Money, in all it’s forms. One has to remember that the military technology is being used by Unit 8200 to monitor the airwaves for Jewish interests. That no small portion of Jews are active in chasing down the Goyim so they may continue on with the covert empire to overt empire of despotic behaviour and death cultish ways. Even Prince Andrew, who is likely a Jew of some sort or other, is now being chased down for his involvement in the paedophile trafficking of children.

Most people will say he’s ‘British’, or ‘German’, none would sus he’s a Jew, but it turns out that the Royal family appear to be of a cast of Jews who left Spain to set up in Germany. They sure don’t look Hanoverian, if you’ve ever been to Hanover then I’m sure you’ll agree. I shall reiterate that the Jews are basically the International Bankers, and nothing more and certainly nothing less. They have endless cash, clout, power, arms, drugs and every advantage, but they’re monsters of mythical stature, and most unwelcome in a feverishly growing number of people’s minds. As ‘Handsome Truth’ said the other day, “Jews have got people hypnotised to cut their children’s penises off.” He’s right too, and much more besides.


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