Migrate To Austerity? Where’s Economically Benevolent Booming Israel?

Not heading for Uganda. These men are fodder for the Bonds Market as ((Charities)) offer them ((refuge)), while the insurance quotas hit the roof, and investment pooling goes crazy for this new financial venture.

Jewish funds bringing ‘refugee’ migrants to Germany. Link.

It’s never been about ‘saving’ men from their own environmental woes as brought to them by Jews and their Shabbos arms dealers, it’s about creating new trade investment schemes to lure Wall Street speculators into the derivative markets. Which, just so happens you won’t be getting any access to any time soon. Link to the 6,000,000, what a cohencidence, stories containing information on “Catastrophe Bonds’ below excerpt. Here’s the excerpt, taken from a site called Artemis:

“Catastrophe bonds are increasingly seen as a financial structure and instrument that could secure and disburse financing for humanitarian response in a more efficient manner, with researchers and institutions now investigating how the cat bond could be utilised.

Humanitarian response is often drastically underfunded and the necessary financing often disbursed in a manner that causes it arrive late, or be poorly targeted.

This includes the response to humanitarian emergencies such those caused by conflict and war, a migration or refugee influx, health related humanitarian emergencies and even the response to climate or natural catastrophe events that result in significant population impacts.

The World Bank’s recent use of the catastrophe bond structure alongside traditional insurance and reinsurance capital for pandemic emergency response, through the creation of the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) and the resulting issuance of$320 million of IBRD CAR 111-112 catastrophe bonds to back the PEF, has sparked conversations about how else the cat bond structure could be put to good use to address humanitarian crises.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Center for Humanitarian Health call for a complete redefinition of humanitarian financing, to take advantage of capital markets and financial structural innovation, in order to deliver and deploy emergency funding in a better way.”

. Link.

As Uganda announced to the world they are ready to take Africans to the lands for migration, so the (J)EU ‘leaders’ have decided they can be distributed over France, Italy, Malta and… Germany! Oy vey, what a surprise. These most welcome guests keen as mustard to get going in the Free Free West have yet to encounter the very same things that have sent the vast majority of their compatriots back with tails between their legs… That is THE SHETAR!!! Link.

Surely solar power in Africa is a game changer?

The unsuspecting minority groups from the all male contingencies reaching our European shores are having an eco-no-money rejigged for their acceptance. As taxi jobs, security guards, police and other non productive, non urgent posts have sprung up left and right all over the place. Our Europe has gone from a high quality producing continent to a playground for Judaic Control and not much else. Any who defend that ‘It’s Never The Jews!’ are lately getting a right kick in the nether regions as the Jews are now springing into action to control a narrative that’s well warranted against their criminal ways. Other continents are also very active in sharing the message against the Jews and their criminal empire that causes nothing but destruction and misery. Link.

Their empire is built on parasitically draining from economies using White Collar Crime, the Bond Market. Drug Running, and in turn Money Laundering, again involving the Bond Market. You need to put the pieces together and understand how the infrastructure is infiltrated to breed inhouse corruption that’s levelled up to being perceived as ‘normal’. As Henry Kissinger, a Jew, said: “It’s not what’s true that’s important, but what#s perceived as true.” Well, he’s certainly one who’s rode that donkey till the cows come home. Here is a video that when you place in the conniving Jews where they need to be positioned as you consider the contents, ie Right slap in the middle. Here’s the evidence Steve Mnuchin, Jack Lew, Michael Barr, Jared Kushner, Dr Hava Siegalman, Jonathan Gould, Bris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jiang Zemin, Vladimir Putin, Rabbi Lhazar, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Malcom Rifkind, Leon Britton, Peter Mandelson, Max Steinberg, Lord Janner, Leon Hoffman, there’s MILLIONS of them all over the shop siphoning off cash for their continued ambitions of being the kingpins on the planet. Link.

Jew Alan Greenspan one of the Medusa snakes on the Jewish Whore of Babylon

Have you ever noticed how instinctively nosey Jews are about everyone else’s business and can’t seem to afford to allow others to have an original idea that they won’t jump all over and ruin by switching it to be a Jewish idea? Take for example the famous non Jewish social media sites… Oh yes, there aren’t any!!!


As Africa is invaded by Asian Jewish Israeli proxy Communist China, so we reflect on former Ugandan leader, Idi Amin’s dream of God. Link. Here’s are pictures of current Jew ran communist South Africa. Link.

images (1) 20161029_BLP507

Jews PR’d the world into backing Anarchy and Chaos… Well done Israel!

images (2)

Amazingly it’s the Decade for African Descent… Or does the UN have dyslexia and they actually mean Decade for African Dissent? The slippery Jewish eels at the UN always invert whatever they say, so they create work for the megalomaniac egos and what can anybody do about it? Here’s the link to their page containing the ‘resolution’ they made in 2013, which is a full two pages long. Link.


UN proc


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