Exploiting The Bio-logic

A bend in the road, or a road on the bend. A bent road in this universe still is liable to follow the laws of this universe. Creating a secret bond market as a parallel universe brings only disharmony.

Let’s imagine for a moment you’re part of an expanding destructive negative thinking organism and you’re managing thus far to bully nature. You’ve incentivised the females of a nemesis organism, and they’ve took those incentives making you come up smelling of roses. Making redundant the males of the nemesis organism that stood in your way to full control of an environment that your own kind turns on, thereby creating a nexus loop that you can ill afford. You’ve got everywhere on lock down, everyone pandering to your system. You’re on easy street, with an escape hatch. Yet, amid all that chaos and anarchy you’ve incited there’s still those niggles growing ever more in the back of your mind that need more, always need more.

That destructive element of your nature is your downfall, as it has been your stepping stone to success. As the saying goes, ‘You can run from the consequences of your actions, but you can never hide from the results of the consequences of your actions. They will eat you up!’ As with the expressions manifest outwardly, banking, child genital mutilation, child abuse and all manner of anti-Wholesomeness wrapped in LGBT and Holocaust Education Trusts. The bigger you grow, the more transparent you become. The more affable you warrant, so the more resistance you face. The more arrogant your stance, the more pleasurable your take down.

An answer to the recent ((attacks)) on Saudi’s oil: Link.

Crypto-loans, the way of the Crypto’s. Link.

Epstein’s shady financial activities, particularly involving currency markets and offshore tax havens… were tied to the CIA-linked bank Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) and had known relationships with Israeli intelligence, namely the Mossad. The nature of Epstein’s work for these individuals and other evidence strongly suggests that Epstein himself had a relationship with BCCI after leaving Bear Stearns and prior to the bank’s collapse in 1991. Link.

In seeking secure and stable investments, as a broker, will you invest in the safe as houses Israeli arms(drug running) offers, or African safety and stability in the markest, where Israel often sells arms(drug running) to fund revolutionary coups on a sort of ‘Conveyor of Chaos’. If money was my thrust then I’d be chasing down every paedophile on Wall Street I could get my hands on. As for Dan Gertler type operations in Africa, why would I invest into African funds when I can cut out the middle man and invest directly into Israel to leverage my invesments in Africa. Think Smart… Think Israel’s a mafiosi detah cult that pays bigger returns on investment by way of paedofilic blackmail! Surely, it’s a no brainer everytime?

images Epstein.jpg

Jeffrey Epstein, never stuck for mates in the social circles of ((Wall Street))


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