Pe-Do-Mock-Race-y – A World Full Of Capitalist/Communist Rot

Putting a smile on Holomor 4.0

The youth who are the main aim for targeting by the “rulers”, aka the foolers. Foolers, conmen, backdoor communists, pedophiles, corrupters and they’re just some of the better points of their character. Startlingly, there has appeared so many cracks as the youth assess a future based on unknown paradigms that they been fed and mislead from the demonic misleaders, who presume their prey, the youth, enjoy being the masochist prey until all resistance to their 1984 script is fully played out. The splintered youth of the world find only controversy ahead of them in the form of loans, unpaid work, long hours of work as supplements to their already dire economic situations. The youth sense the impending doom that can be triggered at any point by the wicked menaces in the halls of internationalist power.

Even sacrificing everything to follow moral codes, high ethical standards, pushing oneself almost to madness to keep up with the clown world democracy that was stemmed from the alliances of US, and USSR, the supposedly mortal enemies. Right there is the Stalinist Marxian Dialectic of September 1938. By creating the rat run for the mouse to seek the cheese, then the mouse will work until death for bits of cheese spoon fed in the lab. The unknown hidden hands of the real mischief makers always ten steps ahead of the media, which is ran by them. So, the dialectic can be sprung unwittingly for the masses to see the “friendly” politicians, who are ALL sociopath materialists, pointing to solutions of manufactured problems. Thereby only leaving one unnameable solution of unofficial think.

You can’t buy your way out of a lunatic asylum where the lunatics run the asylum by their warrants. You can’t work your way out of a system that is in place to drain all of your energy by making you work in soul destroying jobs that produce not one ounce of tangible product. Yes, the third world has it’s place in the production of foods… but, wouldn’t it be a novel idea that those third world countries enjoy the fruits of their labours in the first instance, without tying them up in IMF loans of unpayable amounts on interest. The madness of the spread of local people’s into non local cultures leaves the non locals in an perpetual disadvantageous position. That would be unless the goalposts are moved in such a way as to charge the old locals for the new locals being catered for under the old Jewish bait and switch tactic of “The Jew cries pain as he strikes you!”

Imagine if those “Londoners”, of which are over fifty percent not from, or anything to do with London, such as agnostic Jew Sadiq Kahn. Link. “When we celebrate hanukkah”, even though he’s drunk he let’s the cat out the bag and shares that his hanukkah is what he does with Jews. How can that not mean he’s not a Jew? Let’s have a look. Link.

Rabbi Mirvis with Sadiq Khan
Mossad meets Mousaab

There’s still yet to be an official denial by any Muslim leader of the attack on the Twin Towers, even though 60 Israeli’s were arrested that day in connection with the whole thing.


200 Israelis arrested in 2002 in USA: Link. One need not look much further than Gerry Rubin to see the parallels Jews were making to subvert White America and turn the governmental program “Affirmative Action” into a global policy. That globalist policy has emotionally attached itself in a Freudo-Marxist way. Link. It’s funny that wiki has a picture of Engels and Marx, and not Freud and Marx, but hey, guess who runs things over there. There’s much to discuss about the secret relationship between Muslims and Jews, but they’re certainly not letting anyone in on their march on the West and on the East. Moscow is already over-populated with Jews and Muslims alike, but it was predicted in former KGB spy and defector, Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, “Perestroika Deception”. Link.

So to sum up, as Niger continues to be fused with endless trouble and strife from it’s five bordering countries in Africa. So Libya stands as the pressure valve of last resistance before the obvious occurs, the tinder box is lit and African frustrations ignited by communist China’s twenty four hour a day non stop work ethics terrifies the hell out of the Africans who will never in a million years stop the locust army from the orient overtaking the natural homes. Link. Not a link I’d fully endorse, but the title, ‘How Africa is becoming China’s China’ and some of the descriptions and footage display how communism just waltzes right in. As it has done in South America, as now FARC are about to mobilise and become operational again. Good luck Africa, Communist Capitalist Judaism is now your tribal ancestral home. Link. FARC. Link.

No dough for those being invaded by the communists as they scarper to Europe only to be found wanting when it comes to “getting everything”. Link. Jared Kushner among his trillionaires in Israel, a rogue nation surrounded by Muslims, yet, mysteriously the Muslims end up over our shores blaming us for being infidels. Yet, it was Israeli terrorist that blew up the British after the Ottoman Empire disintegrated due to Jewish power and influence. Link.




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  1. Being Jw Savvy and Mossad alert is the last piece of the jigsaw… The Goy need to wake up!

    Problem, reaction, solution… The reality of …. “The War on Drugs”,!

    “This is the art of the double speak; straddle both sides of the Kehilla. Nothing has changed when contrasted with today’s continued (((Zionist))) occupation of “Afghanistan”, the region now secured as a global opium supplier, or historically to the Chinese “Opium wars” where, the Sassoon Jw family were pivotal”

    “I fully understand the reasoning behind the Columbian Narcos drug trafficking in Latin America with the so called ‘Escobar and Cali cartels, useful idiots supplying the global market and 5th columnists. Their global network was projected to the mass as being their genius of smuggling, when in fact it wasn’t just the breaching of security, or laws of export throughout Latin America, it was about the laws of exit and entry of the Kissinger lead US, and Argentine Government who allowed the export of key ingredients to support Escobar in his manufacturing and distribution”

    I fully understand how challenging the real (((Cartel structure))) of City Hall will see all party ranks close in as one, while sending your life into spiral, but not enough to stop me recognising miracle coincidences that always seem to favour 5th columnists, Narcos and Mossad bad boys, by way of the “Israeli based shipping line Maersk” and the fake Muslim ‘Wahhabi Saud Jw’s’ who are behind the Peel Holdings/Ports in Liverpool UK running, and hosting a weekly RoRo service named the “Columbia Express” a weekly Latin American cargo service to Liverpool which is baby sat by the Jw’sh visionary guru Max Steinberg, Jw’sh MP Louis Ellman, and the new Maritime and “transport minister” friend of Israel “Nusrat Ghani MP” …!! So, the biblical (((well poisoners))) are in “Town” .…How Chutzpah is that! 1, Columbia …..…. 2, Columbia…. 3, Israel sells back to us our own oil… …… 4, Maersk delivers drugs and Israeli guns to Liverpool.……, 5, “Epidemic’ of psychotic patients hooked on monkey dust” 6,Mossad on tour ….., But then of course how hard would it be to limbo dance beneath’… just in Britain alone,… rules and regulations of border control, Sea ports, Airports, Passport Office, courts and Jails etc when it is gate kept by the Jewish global security firm G4S which is owned by the Jw “Brian Kingham” now babysitting a drug fuelled network of chaos in UK Jails. Meanwhile 10,000 children in care went missing last year, and the local, and now regional adoption agency guru’… “Jewish”… “Barry Kushner” of Liverpool CC children’s services happens to be in a pivotal supply and demand position.

    But be careful because unofficial observations re pattern recognition, criminality, and basic arithmetic is anti Semitic and any criticism of Israel and nice Jw’s is hate speak..

    Be alert to anti white symbols of hate! “(((🌈 ⭐️✡ ☭w’s)))” don’t be shepherded by (((them))) into your own cultural demise

    It’s plain to see the battle for Europe did not end on D-day 1945. ….. #TheRealNarcosUK
    #TheRealNarcosUK #drugdeaths #stopthedeaths #youkeeptalkingwekeepdying ‬ #trauma #ptsd #dissociation #mentalhealth #homelessness #alcohol #drugs #abuse #violence #survivors #counselling #therapy #vulnerableadults #education #addiction #personalitydisorder #sexworkers #youthservices #justice

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