Comparing Communism And Capitalism

C v c

A short comparison that can draw up so many more anti-social parallels with each other. Both the critiques of the ideas were rinsed through the Jewish think tanks over hundreds of years to morph and change into a tailored version for attacking gullible Goys!

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  1. “The Cancer.

    Since Communism failed in the West the Bolsheviks had to come up with another method to destroy the West. They introduced the FrankfurtSchool in 1923 and produced cultural Marxism which became the next wave of Communist ideology for the West. To put this in to perspective academic Marxist took the Ideology of Marxism and fused it with Jewish psychology which comes from the minds and work of their Jewish brethren Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. The fusion of the 2 Jewish minds resulted in what we are now exposed to today and is the reason why the White (race) future is now in peril. These two Jewish minds Marx and Freud have advanced the toxic Zionist machine across the planet in the guise of so called Democracy a vote for their sort of Democracy is a vote for Genocide, Murder and Jewish Zionist tyranny.

    Marxists/Internationalists are the foot soldiers of Capitalism. They are the mass consumers of Globalisation engaged to fight the enemy of Capitalism which is Nationalism. Capitalism finances the ideology through all the manipulating government quangos and Trade Unions. The Unions then pay members subsides to specifically Labour as well as all the rest of the Political Parties to help retain the status quo!! Psychological Marxism manipulates its puppet members to slowly dismantle industry under the banner of the Unions using fabricated or misguided moral causes to enable the Marxists to start class wars and cause cultural divides. Capitalism then vacuums up all the carnage in to huge Jewish Global companies and the cycle goes on land grabbing asset stripping piecemeal by piecemeal more for the Jewish Zionist purse.”

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