The Depressors – An Accounting Of Deliberate Mal-Leadership

The mark of leadership is based on contingencies, which the bozo above keeps for him and his Jew mates

The literal eternally depressive statement making dialectical lies of the press attempting to fulfil prophecies of Freudo-Marxism, were Marxism is implanted in people’s minds acting like a cancerous virus. To what could be in the press when the political will to mobilise the people into a cohesive positive food managing and life enhancing organ. Then we can only find that those who live off the fat of the people are stealing the dreams of the future. Their Manhattan lookout posts with the levers of power across the way on Wall Street allowing them to gauge, assess and manipulatively order by despotism. The other nerve centre being the tax free City of London bankers paradise housing another syringe of their parasitic entourage. Link.

The lesser minions festering upon the good people in every way they can to cause harm, misery, loss and incohenveniences of any malicious kind matters not to their care free, conscience free cartel. The unknown networking that is ever more obvious with every passing day, from Epstein to Janner, from Maxwell to Green and not exhaustively from Cohen to Cohn. The rabbinical crew obsessively and cohesively moving together as a web trawling through the cracks of society so they can invent loopholes for profit. Like the idiom “Everything comes out in the wash” so the DC manipulators aren’t as invisible now as they’d like to think they are. Link.

Sometimes, like in the Janner case, or the Maxwell case, even the Sub-Prime Mortgage case, were Obama was forced to do something about the compensation to those who actually had created credit for the banks to foreclose on. Bringing a vast amount of people to be evicted while the trading simply scooted over to London and away from IRS Regulation Z- Truth in Lending Act. Causing nightmares to an already balloon initiating investment ponzi everyday we see the results of Jewish debt based blue sky bond trading, where producing nothing creates credit for power positions. It’s a question of money creation, distribution and a who is who and a what is what. Cleverly since the edn of World War Two the Dialectic Materialist “victors”, who stole that victory by forcing a holocaust on the anti-Zio-Bankers.

Creating an aim for a narrative pathway to guide their giant war ship endeavour to rid the world of the non them. So by creating a vehicle in the form of Osama Bin Laden the foreign attack on America was given a dialectical outcome. Offering an official story to cover up an unofficial story worked well until the truth, like water, seeped through the cracks. Yet, the attack still continues on, like a poltergeist absorbing the energy from the host because the disturbed energy is unhappy and can’t cease to exist until happiness is found.

According to Sky News narrating that women not wanting to have babies is Art and Entertainment apparently, link below.


The populations of the earth can live much, much better without the economic growth that the forecasters of those wat war with the population of the earth determine as good politics. Thrusting ourselves into a paradigm of continuance and forward planning of that continuance is a much better global policy. Trashing nations assets and reserves is also bad policy. Simple methods of agriculture, building and distribution of food wealth and resources is without a panic state, that we see so stringently enforced via Zio-Marxist politics. So, those recessions they talk about are the public notice to offer for acceptance or objection. Obviously in a world where not everyone has to be kept distracted by the rat race then fair and equal arguments can be allowed. But only in a rat race will rats be the king, are you a rat, or are you of much high contributionary potentials?


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