Overt Interfaith – Covert Subversive Aggression – UN Charter Chapter VII

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How the UK Cabinet looks currently

Israel’s spy operations have reached to saturation point in UK. Like in US were organs like Jinsa, Darpa and CIA keep Washington DC under Kosher lockdown, so, along with literally every country, but none more so than the ones with Knesset 2.0 grafted onto everyone’s mantelpiece. From the Jew Speaker of the House, John Bercow, to the opposition leader Jew Jeremy Corbyn and every denomination of Jew in between. It can be said that officially UK is in breach of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, which reads in –

Article 39

The Security Council shall determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression and shall make recommendations, or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Articles 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.

In my most humble opinion, and talking with numerous people who are now telling me about the Jew issue, I have to say that they are the holders of documentation for all rents, mortgages, loans and even the money supply is headed by Jews. The Soccer leagues, the casino’s buildings and business’s, the educating, the media, there’s nowhere were they’re not. There’s certainly never been a referendum as to how they get so mighty on the political scene, but they’re there. All funded by Wall Street, City of London, Romanov’s family treasures and every other non Jew treasure they’ve horded for Greater Israel. Link.

Rich or poor their army of accountants, lawyers, judges and Non Goy Organisations are surrounding the legal offices of each nation for flying squads trained in every Jew school in the 100 million plus Jew diaspora. For example here we have a report as stated by the Congressional Executive Committee on China  stating that communists of the PRC failed to reach international standards when Inciting Application against Zhu YuFu. Link.

How far does it have to go when the whole infrastructure is serving another people’s interests over host nations? The constant lobbying by the endless, ENDLESS, Jewish groups, the self-serving, self-entitled whiners of the anti-Semitism who are all protecting the Jew led pedophile rings around the world. I mean consider the article in Haaretz: “Let them eat bagels, the Queen’s secret relationship with Jews” link, is a total point of the direction of what’s happening today were unelected Jew Boris Johnson is making out that the Queen holds any power beyond their collective interests and seeking Parliament to be suspended just three days after it’s due to return again on the sixth of September. Link.

As a comment to the prior link of Nicola Sturgeon, I envision a time to come where the Mossad trained bozo’s in office will tie their own shoe laces together that they can no longer, not dictate, but despot on the nation. Notice the dialectic in Sturgeons little speech, “it’s not democracy, it’s dictatorship”, like a dictatorship is a carte blanche way to go. Yet, when a dictator of sound public and foreign policy comes along they usually end up assassinated by Mossad, or derivatives thereof, including the anarchist factions. For example this following link from the Jew managed New Statesman is full of the Marxist Dialectic as honed by Stalin. It talks about a Hamas operative, Al-Mahoub, in such a way as to point that Hamas isn’t also Mossad. It talks about how Israel inherited the emergency laws from the British Palestinian Mandate government, but omitting that the Stern Gang, currently known as Likud Party, were the terrorist squad that assassinated 92 people in the King David Hotel Massacre, while dressed as Muslims delivering milk churns. That the Jews setting up Israel saw that it was “a victory for those who saw the future of the Israeli state as more dependent upon a strong army and intelligence community than upon diplomacy.” Here’s the link. Link.

With the above quoted sentence surely that is also a witness to the aggressive foreign policy tactics of anti-Semitism as the cry of pain when the Jew strikes you? Link. Who can stop building of relations at the highest levels between Asia Israel, Africa Israel and Europe and Israel? This is a Pan Continental takeover by a Race of convenient hues to implant sleeper cells within, or attached to enclaves in every nation in the world.

U.S. President Trump's State Visit To UK - Day One
Andrew “Windsor” and Donald “Trump”
Windsor and Epstein
Possible pedo with daughters from failed marriage when he was given a £2 million mansion as a family home as a gift from the nation with perpetual free maintenance, until it was sold in the 1990’s after the divorce.
“Let them eat bagels”


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