Those Hot Potatoes

Bibi, Boris, Vlad, Donald, Xi… You name em, they’ll pass em!

In the interests of setting the scene for this article, I offer a link to set the stage here. Link.

The job of the Jew is to get assumptions from presenting to the public due notice, then without any objections they are free to fly in the face of the law, because they, they say, are unbound by non-Jew law. So, piecing together the tapestry of their synagogue network becomes a game of catch the pigeon, or in their case chase the ace. Everything they do they will justify with this reference, that reference or the other reference, until the weight of the argument allows them to call on the hired guns. For example, the motto of SMERSH is/was “Death to all spies”. SMERSH was/is an umbrella organization for three independent counter-intelligence agencies in the Red Army formed in late 1942 or even earlier, but officially announced only on 14 April 1943. The name SMERSH was coined by Joseph Stalin. You can read more here. Link.

Those hot potatoes that loom over our gangster governments, that which needs constant upkeep, the propaganda of lies, were truth are lies and lies are truth. When the public gets rowdy, or seen to be in a position to call out the phonies of government, and their paymasters. For example in UK the official stasitic for how many consider that jail is an effective remedy stands at 7%. That’s less than one in ten, yet we have a majority rule system? Well what kind of majority are we talking here, the Jewish Book of Numbers? It can’t be the populous, because look at the backlash of populist politics currently. Here is the link to the official stasitics for Summer 2019 prison records and other information in a 16 page pdf report by the Prison Reform Trust is in this link. Link.

From page 3 of the report.

Now, there’s a judge who is saying that the criminals are getting away with jail time because of sloppy policing practices, ie the paperwork. Now the police are saying it’s the new computers, meanwhile the 2.4 million Kashmiri Indians and Pakistanis are going hell for leather in the formerly quiet subquran and urban communities where so many of them get arrested for pedalling drugs and the like. The problems we never had got imported now to be possibly the embryo of the next nuclear war, given the Japanese were bombed with nukes.

British judge, link below next photo
Is it racist to blame the governments, police and judges?

Link to judge article. Link. Link to Police article. Link. By the way all of these local periodicals are owned Trinity Mirror, which was formerly owned by Robert Maxwell, pension fund absconder and father of notorious arch villain Ghislane Maxwell, both Jews. Here is another link explaining, or excusing Greater Manchester police from their duties as sworn officers to uphold the law, which they can never do, because we don’t have law, we have Public Policy. Link.


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