Is JINSA Behind Failing Public Policy

Yes, obviously we were all given the right to referendum as to whether globalist internationalist communist capitalism was going to be the ultra liberal style of corpocray ruled politics that would suit our plans going forward. Where the future was bright and the galaxies awaited our arrival. Instead the solar flares started, new blackholes were discovered and Israeli space exploration is now the in thing, try to keep up Goyim!


super massive blackholes
Original non photshopped photograph issued by Israeli Space Mission

So, we see that JINSA is never all up in your beeswax until perhaps we start learning about what a JINSA is. Link. Then we perhaps can start making assessments about how those 9,000 police trained by Israeli forces post 9/11, that obviously Mossad had zero interest in doing. None whatsoever, even if there were 60 Israeli’s arrested in connection with that same inside job. No, let’s not count our chickens before our eggs have hatched. Just because JINSA is based in DC that doesn’t mean they get to influence decisions made in the Whitehouse. Just because their a charitable organisation that doesn’t mean what they dole out the people have to benefit from, oh no! And, lastly, just because they’re a non profit corporation they can’t be prophets of a different kind.

Jewish black holes include the Harbin Jews using the Romanov money together with the Opium Wars money to get a consolidation of the north and north east of Asia. Link. Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Russia-China Border. A unitary Jewish state existing from 1934, some 15 years before Jews blew up the British government in Palestine. Link. Communist China annexing former Belgian colony Congo, Africa. Link. South Africa’s anarchists working with the ANC communists attacking Nigerian business’s in mass anti-foreign rioting and looting over many cities in South Africa. Breaking News as of 1st Sept. 2019. Link. Jews of Antwerp, Belgium. Link.

So what need does the US have for a JINSA? given that Kissinger’s Kissinger, Helmut Sonnenfeldt, a Jew reported about in a previous article, was such a valuable asset to the US, as is Dr Hava Sieglman of Israel head of AI development at DARPA no less. Oh, these Jews do get around. Not only are they in your policy making, William Barr, Steve Mnuchin, Jack Lew and Jared Kushner, they’re also in your economics Janet Yellen, Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geithner and not forgetting good old trusty Jew Ben Bernanke. I won’t even bother with all the rest, but Israeli pharmaceutical companies are raging in the profit stakes just now. I hope that makes you feel better. Link.



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