Digging A Little Deeper, White Collar Crime And Government Consultants

Sam E. Antar, storsvindlerens historie

Here are some excerpts from various articles, links included, addressing certain issues about possible Jewish protection rackets within governmental infrastructure so they win and you fail. The first article reads so:

Why the CFO of a Famously Corrupt Company from the 1980s is Working for the Government

Sam Antar, the former CFO of New York’s Crazy Eddie, on how the electronics retailer committed its legendary crimes, and the state of white-collar crime today.

BY Michelle Celarier | Contributor | Aug 14, 2019 Link.

Sam Antar 3
Sam Antar of Crazy Eddies.

Sam Antar likes to say that he has lived a life of crime. The grandson of Syrian Jewish immigrant merchants, he was 14 years old when he first went to work in the Brooklyn, N.Y., store owned by his cousin, Eddie Antar, that would eventually become infamous as Crazy Eddie, a discount purveyor of electronics.

Crazy Eddie became known for zany commercials promoting its “insane” prices, but by the late 1980s, the feds were investigating it for securities fraud.

As Sam Antar would later recount, Eddie Antar for years had been skimming the profits from cash-paying customers, paying employees under the table, engaging in insurance fraud and laundering money. And that was before Crazy Eddie went public and violated securities laws by overstating its income, among other accounting shenanigans.

“To me to it was exciting,” says Sam Antar, who started out in the stockroom and got a $1,500 Christmas bonus in his first year, 1971. “The money was good. There was this sense of pride and power from being able to do things that most people weren’t able to do.”

Now 62, Antar ended up cooperating with the feds, which helped them convict Eddie Antar on multiple charges, sending him to prison for a seven-year stretch. He died in 2016 at the age of 68.

The younger Antar, who had become Crazy Eddie’s CFO, pled guilty to charges of securities and mail fraud conspiracy and obstruction of justice. He spent six months under house arrest. Since then, Antar has become a forensic fraud expert for the FBI and other government agencies, including Treasury, the Department of Defense, the Secret Service and the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has taught classes on fraud detection and served as a whistleblower in several cases (including some he still can’t talk about).

In this next article we read about President Trump has formed a Kosher scrum around his tax returns and he’s sweating over releasing them. Obviously Trump is a Jew trying to be a non-Jew, as with Boris Johnson the unelected Jew running Great Britain currently. And when one considers his main opponent from the Marxist-Lenninst failed Pro-Semitic and Pro-Pedo Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn is also a Jew, then we see Stalin’s famous phrase “If you want to beat the opposition, then be the opposition”, come into play.

Trump is hiding his taxes because he is the ‘head of a white-collar crime family’: David Cay Johnston

Published July 26, 2019 By 


How long are Jewish lies Shlomo… I mean “Donald”?

David Cay Johnston explained on MSNBC on Friday, is a tax expert and author of the 2016 book The Making of Donald Trump, was interviewed by MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian. Link.

“How relevant is this Nixon era precedent to getting Trump’s taxes?” she asked Johnston.

“Well, it’s totally relevant, Yasmin,” he replied. “In the years since 1924, there is not a single known case of the IRS not turning over a tax return on request. In fact, Congress has at least three employees who work out of the IRS just to examine tax returns every day.”

“Why can they not furnish the president’s taxes when asking for them from the IRS? And what do you see as the main difference here between the current president and then Nixon?” Vossoughian asked.

“Well, the fundamental difference here is that Richard Nixon at the end of the day, a former naval officer in World War II, was a patriot who resigned when he realized that he in fact had committed crimes, including, by the way, tax crimes,” he explained. “Donald Trump is a lawless man. He is the third generation head of a white-collar crime family.”

The next article is about Kissinger’s Kissinger, a Jew named Helmut Sonnenfeldt, which excerpts read:

Who was Kissinger’s Kissinger?

Print edition : August 16, 2019 Link.
October 22 1973 Henry Kissinger(front left), Helmut Sonnenfeldt(back middle) and the Soviet Foreign Minsiter(front right) at the airport in Moscow after talks about the Arab-Israeli conflict that took place that year. (Hindu Times archive)
Henry Kissinger and Helmut Sonnenfeldt, his Counsellor in the U.S. State Department, had a love-hate relationship: they disliked each other as much as they were dependent on each other.

The man and his views are hardly known in our part of the world. But Helmut Sonnenfeldt and the “Doctrine” that came to bear his name are of abiding relevance. At a time when the United States deliberately expands the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) eastward, flouting Russia’s legitimate security concerns, the doctrine is of particular relevance and interest. Sonnenfeldt was hand-picked by Henry A. Kissinger to be his Counsellor in the State Department, a formal designation. A powerful, knowledgeable analytical brain ensured proximity to the “doctor”. There were other factors too.

The parents settled in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1944, the 18-year-old Helmut joined them—along with Richard, who after the War would become an interpreter and subsequently the chief interrogator for U.S. prosecutors at Nuremberg—and took American citizenship. By mid 1945, Helmut was serving with the U.S. occupation forces in Germany where he met and became friends with Kissinger, then deployed with U.S. military intelligence.

After returning to the U.S., Sonnenfeldt studied international relations at Johns Hopkins University and took a master’s degree in 1951. The following year, he joined the State Department as a specialist in Soviet and Eastern European Affairs. All the while, however, he remained in touch with Kissinger and moved with him to the White House in 1969 as an assistant when Kissinger was picked as National Security Adviser by the newly elected President Richard Nixon.

“When Kissinger became Secretary of State in 1973, Sonnenfeldt followed him to Foggy Bottom as Special Counsellor. ‘He was with me in practically every negotiation I conducted with the Soviets,’ Kissinger said, ‘an indispensable collaborator.’ Not least during a mid 1970s trip to the Soviet Union when Leonid Brezhnev asked Kissinger what he thought his luxurious hunting lodge might be worth in the U.S. property market. Perhaps $400,000, ventured Kissinger, to the chagrin of the Soviet leader, who was clearly expecting a much higher figure. ‘More like $2 million,’ Sonnenfeldt quickly interceded, averting diplomatic disaster.”

From Kissinger’s book about the “Doctrine” Years of Renewal (Simon & Schuster, 1999) –

“The offending paragraph read as follows: With regard to Eastern Europe, it must be in our long term interest to influence events in this area—because of the present unnatural relationship with the Soviet Union—so that they will not sooner or later explode, causing World War III. This inorganic, unnatural relationship is a far greater danger to world peace than the conflict between East and West.…

“… So it must be our policy to strive for an evolution that makes the relationship between the Eastern Europeans and the Soviet Union an organic one. Any excess of zeal on our part is bound to produce results that could reverse the desired process for a period of time, even though the process would remain inevitable within the next 100 years. But, of course, for us that is too long a time to wait.”

Jews Behind Bars – Part 1

“Most people are surprised to discover that Jews go to prison for non-white collar crimes,” said Friedman. “We come from a community that believes our people don’t do anything wrong, at least not really wrong,” said Friedman. “But unfortunately we do.”

So what is it like to be Jewish in prison? Hell on earth? Or like being in a country club?

The New York Times recently presented a fascinating portrait of Otisville, the “Prison of Choice” to many well-known Jewish offenders. The Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, N.Y., offers “a rarity in the federal prison system: a full-time hasidic chaplain who oversees a congregation of dozens of Jewish inmates who gather for prayer services three times a day.

“‘For a Jewish person, there is no place like Otisville,’ said Earl Seth David, 54, a former inmate who attended kosher meals, religious classes and weekly Shabbat services in the prison shul, a shared space where the Torah scrolls are locked up every night.” As the Times’ Corey Kilgannon notes, “There are kosher vending machines in the visiting room. The prison commissary sells skullcaps for $6 and offers a kosher selection that includes matzo, gefilte fish, rugelach and seltzer [and] before many holidays, the men are taken by prison bus to a nearby town for traditional mikvah baths.”

Checking in with Steve Fulop

Jersey City mayor reflects on his six years in office

The Fulops, quintessentially Jews

Steve’s father, Arthur Fulop, grew up in Israel, was a sniper in the Golani Brigade during the Six Day War, and left the IDF — and eventually Israel — changed and saddened by the experience.

Carmen and Arthur Fulop and their three sons moved to Edison; Arthur owned a deli in Newark, and Carmen ran a service bureau for immigrants close by. The three boys, Daniel, Steven, and Richard, went to the Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva, and then to the Solomon Schechter School of Union and Essex; today Dan’s two daughters go to school there, although it’s been renamed the Golda Och Academy. The family went to shul at Congregation Neve Shalom, the Conservative synagogue that still flourishes in nearby Metuchen.

Steve Fulop went to Binghamton University, did junior year abroad at Oxford, and then, after he graduated, went to Chicago and got a job at Goldman Sachs. In 2000, Goldman moved him back to New York; he bought a condo in Jersey City and worked in downtown Manhattan. Not only was he not politically active, but he was so politically inert that he did not even register to vote. He owned real estate.

Soon after his good life was set in place, the attacks of September 11, 2001, happened. He worked at 1 New York Plaza; “I felt the building shake when the planes hit,” he said in 2014. That shook him out of his happy complacency. Far out of it. He joined the Marines. So at 25, which is young by most standards but nearly senescent by new-recruit ones, he found himself in boot camp on Parris Island.

Mr. Fulop was deployed to Baghdad; he was there for about seven months, and then sent back to Kuwait. After a year, he was out of the Marines and back at Goldman. “I feel that I got more out of the Marine Corps as a person and as a human being than it got from me,” he said.

Mr. Fulop came back to Jersey City changed; the city, mired in decades of corruption, had not. It was a highly charged, politically crazy, machine-run place. He entered politics — the story of his rise is long and complicated, and we told it in 2014. The most compelling part of the story, as pure story, is the opponent against whom he ran and won. It was Jerramiah T. Healy, who at one point was discovered — and photographed — naked and drunk on his sister’s porch. His story explaining that was unconvincing. The FBI raid the day before that ended with 44 arrests for corruption in his city didn’t help.

Under his watch, the city’s been able to attract businesses, and as more employees move in, so does housing construction. The city’s growing bigger. “We are a leader in public policy statewide and nationally,” Mr. Fulop said.

The question we pose here in conclusion is for the reader to ask him or herself is “Is Jewish Supremacy a thing?”

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