Another Side of Weinstein


Harvey Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman and her Marchesa partner Keren Craig were funded by a Jewish property magnate called Steve Witkoff. Here’s a quote from the eternally lucky Jew Witkoff interview with Lauren of Globest. Link.

Lauren: Can you talk about how you built the company?

Steve: I was a lawyer. I met Larry Gluck who is still my very good friend and we started a company called Stellar Management. It stood for Steve and Larry. We started buying in Washington Heights, and the Northwest Bronx.

Those were my proudest moments when the two of us would go up there. We were exceptional landlords. We had no money. It didn’t matter. We lived very modestly. We were just intent on growing this portfolio because we didn’t want to go back and practice law.

The legal degree was fabulous and critical to my career. But I was so enamored with the real estate business. That’s how I started and we just stuck with it and steadily built up our portfolio. Lots of hard work, a ton of luck and here we are today.”


And there you have it, just lots and lots of luck with no money, but be an exceptional landlord. Yet, other Jewish property magnates, Jared Kushner, the late Menachem Stark, et al, Carl Icahn, link, and obviously Lucky Larry “The Silverfish” Silverstein of the Mossad op 9/11 Twin Towers insurance meltdown. Link.

Philanthropic Judaism Connected To Endless Jewish Consortiums

These lucky landlords chosen by g-d to price fix the monopolies markets and all insured on Wall Street have one thing in common, they’re NOT non-Jews! They’ve all been working around the clock to make sure the unspoken of empire of Jewish supremacy is continually ploughing the fields of abundance for them and tricky economics for you. The bottomless pit of Jewish funds, as enjoyed by the likes of Keren Craig, who is now pulling out of fashion… BECAUSE>>>


Yes folks, it brought unwanted attention. Now, I’m not claiming to be another Harry Markopolos, there can only be one, but wouldn’t, shouldn’t Keren Craig’s reputation been kept intact if she herself had made some sort of whistleblow against the antics of her business partner’s then husband? Now, I’d accept if it Harvey Weinstein’s “Project Runway” fashion show with Heidi Klum wasn’t in the same industry, but that happens not to be the case. Link. I don’t know how the investigation is going, as it apparently collapsed, but aren’t complicit people culpable? I’m pretty sure that’s the deal.

I’d never dare to stand as judge and jury over this, that or another, as the five years hard slog of building up this blog with exacting detail evidences, but something smells about all this cosy Jewishness and Jewey investment clout. Given the scope of the Epstein mirage it would suggest that in fact there are Jews in every crack and crevice of corruption in every area of business, political and non political. Link.


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