800 bajillion sausages, and not a sausage more. It’s come down for the holy hoax as the narrative falls apart due to lack of evidence. Would you trust a sausage these days, how about six million of them?

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

Sausages! ……..Sausages! ………

“Don’t you know we Jews are the supreme loxist people….bow to our “cause célèbre” you racists “goyim” my family died of sausages and now it’s being passed on to all (((our people))) through genetic “sausage trauma” which will exstend our finacial Holohoax protection racket “infinite”…… Hot dogs and hamburgers are hateful and anti-Semitic “….

Which 6m do we have to suffer?  Link here…

Question should be! Holodomor v F–k 6m

No wonder the Jew has the European mass dancing to the Jewish narrative that race ‘doesn’t matter’.
“The most dangerous man to Jewish usury ‘Adolf Hitler’ who against all odds and many assassination attempts on his life by the banker crime families  still managed to revive Germany’s European pride and spirit and created using the Feder economic model without the backing of gold or Jewish illusion, the only truly socialist ideology to have ever…

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