Liverpool Mayor Gets His £735 Million Debt Wiped – As Labour Councillors “Retire”

Louise Ellman and Luciana Berger hiding behind the curtains

In a very strange turn of events Joe Anderson’s staunch rivals, the Conservative and Unionist Party, their official title, give Joe a full clean slate on the £735 million that he’d been getting the good people of Merseyside endlessly in court for. So after 30 years of no council houses and massive strains on the economy by the Jew bankers who’ve literally stole all the equity they could, now the council is set build new council houses. Historically it was Liverpool Municipal Corporation who built the very first social housing, and I’d bet they only did so the merchants didn’t catch the diseases rife while the good people starved during the American Civil War. That war was kept going by the opium and slave traders, The Jews, again, three years longer than it would have. Lo and behold one Judah P Benjamin, a Jew, was the Attorney General for the Confederacy and he soon high tailed it to safe haven in London to become a barrister there.

Oh, the road is long, but it’s clear once the trail of the Jewish criminals is found out. For example, the streets are filled with drugs, prostitutes and abortions. Families have become a thing of the past and unsupported in place of refugee ‘rights’, LGBTQI ‘rights’ and all this ran on a debt bubble that His Hinghness Joe Shmoe gets all the debts “waived”. Nice work when you can get it mate. What’s the deal now for the people who have literally been terrorised, torahrised, by the councils Jew Frist policies of madness and absurdity? What was the deal, Joe’s henchmen at the unions will take the city further into absolute shut down? As it’s already in vast turmoil in the centre.

No one wants to address the issues of the future for the children, the dire council planning attitudes toward building social cohesion and inclusion. None of that mob want to put their money where their mouth is and come up with plans to take Liverpool to say the heights of a Singapore, which is easily 100 years ahead of any British city. Yet, the Jews will only publish woe and drudgery in the newspapers for us to aspire to. The Donmeh Jew Boris Johnson can barely answer a public faced question due to his utter and complete contempt for British interests, so what’s makes anyone think Joe shmoe is any different now his mates down in parliament have shown their hand and basically given him £735 million to rack up again. Link. Instead of saying Joe gets off with £735 million for a headline, they put get a council house for £76 Link. In this one it says two labour councillors are leaving, then three, then it says a large number of new Labour members, many of who joined after Jeremy Corbyn became party leader, will become candidates for council seats in 2020. Link.

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