Hong Kong, Beijing, London, Tel Aviv

Marx kapital and Communism
Jew Karl Marx shilling for Israel before there even was an Israel.

The new battle for Capitalism, which is Communism, is currently being staged, yes, staged, in Hong Kong. As Hong Kongers fight for freedoms for their criminals not to be extradited to foreign countries where crimes were perpetrated so the hue and cry is twisted inversely and that energy which could be fighting for common sense is harnessed away by the usual Marxist/Israeli  control mechanisms, the media. As cunning as a parable taken from the story of Guo Jing, so the political twists and turns are designed as to seem unconnected. This management of randomness, the Dialectic was well written about in Josef Stalins official interpretation of Marxism, titled “Historical and Dialectical Materialism”.

In the book he sets the way for the momentum of the denial of anything pre-existing before materialism, and that all things are controlled for Soviet interests. Kind of like the saying that the rich man is only guarding the stuff waiting for the thief. Nothing is more true of the Jewish banking mafia the world over. As the people torture themselves in either Capitalism or Communism, their conscience, the Jungian shadow side will devour them eventually. Why is this a constant? It’s a constant because the whole of “western” society is predicated on Jewish lies in the form of promises.

As the European saying goes, “There’s no show without Punch”, Punch being the one who dishes out the smacks, so the conditioning of the people is set by force, and other than any actual democratic process. If anyone can show an actual democratic process in motion, please alert the media as they seem to be able to spot anything worth mentioning outside of the Israeli backed diatribe. People fall for the Jew rumour that it’s the Hegelian Dialect at play, far from it. Hegel was of the mind that things can be used with more than one meaning, but he certainly never mentioned using that as a subversive political weapon for Jewish supremacists to attempt to take over the world with. That’s of their own doing, the Dialectic Materialism.

One minute The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are the bad guys, then it’s Venezuela, now it’s Iran, yet who will mention the possibility of it being the Jew? Who can not spot the Chinese investment pouring into Israel and the Israeli investment pouring into, and only into safe bets in China. The big secret club is revealed. IT’S THE JEWS!!!

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