What are Interest Free Mortgages

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The shift from normalcy to insanity normalised can be traced through the horror stories of the military style war crime of mind control here on the CIA website. Link. So, imagine if you will a method of gaining the whole electorate, without referendum, to agree to a hostile non productive loan system without offering a fair alternative that won’t crash economies or force boom bust financial climates toxic for planning families to sustain the population levels. In that economic castration/sterilisation program scenario we would need to see politicians on the payroll for the depopulators. Indeed, the whole of the infrastructure would need to be a top down operation. So, what do we have to work with here? We have the historical points that highlight the who’s who, the what’s what and the where’s where. In this formula of investigating the history that brings us up to the present day, and that which promotes itself for the deliberate malmanagement of our societies in the future our conclusions can be drawn from where we now stand in the present to draw the cycle of investment and return, or reap what you sew to look around not only the next corner, but the next and the next.

In habit forming, momentum is always a useful thing to apply. Unfortunately the habits promoted to be formed in the degenerate led society the world over, led by Tel Aviv’s globalists cabal does not support kick starting a optimum healthy vitalic lifestyle. How could when the Jewish Sanhedrin dictate the Noahide Laws to run the world at a low optimum potential to cover their bases for they at war with their own concept of a “Good God”. Why would it be such a stretch of the imagination to explore just exactly what this religious practice they call Judaism in fact does? Why is it all the Jews are up on Judaism, yet never draw upon it other than “anti-Semitism”? What is it that’s so important from their Shetar Law that denotes one’s cultural values foreign to Judaism to now come under their laws of Judaism, even when the defences are set in long custom against it. The Jews aren’t called the well poisoners for nothing.

The little Jew hiding in the shadows, knife in hand to stab anyone in the back who can muster them more leverage for carrying out their will. Getting a spot on the Gentiles top table as “advisor”, without portfolio, and having all the clout to boss everyone around because that’s how opportunists work. The dark side of Jewish opportunism, chutzpah, is that they are well prepared to act without any conscience and therefore have the will of the devil to hand. Well, how about contrasting those liberal pro-Jewish beliefs to a non Jewish conscience driven ethos where the value of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness actually counts for something?

How would an interest free loan suit yourself for the requirement of getting somewhat ahead in a society promoting the support and encouragement of your entrepreneurial dreams and endeavours? Unfortunately for Europeans who have been left divided and somewhat conquered thus far, all of the promoting of the support and encouraging of entrepreneurial dreams and endeavours are literally given to the foreign new comers who were never here before the end World War Two. Link. That Sharia Law interest free loan scheme charity is not something promoted for Europeans in Europe, quite the contrary. I’m pretty sure it’s the same for the other European populated countries, certainly South Africa’s had a taste of the outcomes of allowing Jews to conjure up people from nowhere to bring about violent revolution no matter how much blood was spilled, of any creed of colour. The determining factor is who stands to benefit the most from, in South Africa’s situation the ruling Communist Party the ANC. That’s turning out well, obviously this is sarcasm.

Currently the Icarus style globalist policy favours turning the communist state of China into a management scheme for US pension pooling investment returns to come from an agricultural led Africa. Their booming population will be lined up, as Asia is being, to be what European countries have become. Where the actuaries undermine the true values of the worth of the people, the state assets, by having a mere shell of a society to base contingencies on. As an analogy it’s similar to turning the Great Barrier Reef into a fish bow to keep on the window sill. Do not underestimate the lengths that the Jews will go to in order to continue on with their historical death cult. They have it as a foundational belief within their secret Rabbinical networking of monetary and narrative power structure. I hope I’ve helped to bring about a light on some areas of society that are less reported and I urge you to read the article linked here: Link.

As also is often unreported Hitler’s Third Reich had a system of sustainable mortgaging, at 1%, also linked was a child birth rate, were encouraging the births of German pedigree children to preserve their own heritage, culture and legacy, a twenty five per cent payment against the mortgage was paid off with the birth of each child. Therefore, with the birthing of four indigenous population children the mortgage was paid off. Also the time limit on payments of loans and mortgages was linked to the protectionist idea of returning money got back by the National Bank to redistribute into the economy for rapid growth and development. Getting them away from the “Two Baskets” economic mismodel of the Weimar via the Versailles Treaty, signed one hundred years ago this year. This is in no way a derogatory thing, it was taking Germany out of a veritable junk bond swamp that we see ever growing to cast it’s looming deathly shadow waiting in the wings for Israel to pull the plug at their whim. I use Israel under the umbrella term of that’s the criminal hideout always available to any Jew to see their perverted version of sanctuary from other non Jewish conscience driven justice.

Two Baskets: Two women in Weimar Germany had large baskets of money upon their heads. They put the baskets down to see what single item they could afford in the inflation hell of the Weimar. As the peeped into the window the baskets were stolen, the money was left, but not to their surprise.

Take down the money grubbers, for they will not do it for you!!!

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