Fart Right Not Wrong

How dare the unscrupulous lead and rule the scrupulous with their well rehearsed humility. From the highest and most refined cultural thing, the Church, that was crumbled to be what we the Church is today, the synagogue of Satan. From the constant promotion of corruption as drama, wrong as right and politics for psychotic mass murderers to play psycho games in. Where are the brave men women to take the reins of control back to steer ourselves and our destinies to greater heights than at least before?

Where can the current course of leading ultimately take us? Where the expression of will to what the will of the People must dictate, less the revolutions will be a constant unnecessary of life for the future as long as it can, which won’t be long when left to the current misleaders. Mark my words when I say that among you all is the answer, not in one of you singly, but in all of you together. There can only be one direction to aim for, that is the good direction. What’s the point of bad? What choices are being made that aren’t bad?

Everyday there’s a little more to be done to fly in the face of the saboteurs who wilfully scorn at the flourishing of nations. Why will they choose to obliterate themselves when there’s ample opportunity to obliterate everyone else? If it isn’t time to take them down, then please, wake me when it is. The boredom here kills me, but that’s to fall into their traps, so as I push, you can push. I wave the banner of reason, common sense and to draw conclusions from effective productivity with fair distribution between those entitled. Do the constant vaccuumers of money deserve endless rewards for bringing about endless misery? Is the conscience something to be laid to waste?


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