Palace t’Zion’s word magic – Jurisdictional Semanticism


Our benevolent Jews grant us 26 letters to arm ourselves to the teeth with. They explain to us under their Halakah Law that we must follow the Noahide Laws that they manage for our benefits. The Mosaic Law is one that’s been up for grabs since Thou shalt not steal is a real tough one for Jews to keep up. So, they go with their preferred Noahide that no one really knows, because, well who noahs what the shaoh’s gonna bringa nexta?

A literate argument for the courts, as an example may lean one’s thinking towards a stricter protocol for expressing thoughts and actions of combatants in the civil war arena. Look a teeny bit deeper and a new world of expression opens up when understanding barristers, or lawyers of the bar in other countries, lay out their colourful arguments drafted upon metaphors, analogies and quips of any and many kinds in order to win the case at hand. The little man paying for the show is held in contempt by virtue of his need to hire a lawyer. Straight away he walks in fully displaying incompetence. Is this a powerful position to be in when in the throes of a litigation? I would suggest not.

Personally I would wish for, and only for the full weight of the argument to buoy up my pleadings. In this respect one has to take each consideration under the metaphorical microscope. Bear in mind that a consideration is one of the components required in the formation of a contract. The other main two being offer and acceptance, performance is another part but is more of a floating style component. All this lovely flowery and descriptive language being very beautiful and certainly costly to those involved, which side should we stand with. Is it a yay hear, and a neigh there? or a nay there and a yay here? Who’s gonna decide an outcome based on flimsy evidence anyhow?

Well, for me personally I’d be looking to put my best foot forward and find what it is that I’m supposed to be arguing to win the case. Well, it just so happens that holding court can be of a jurisdiction that can be dreamt up as anyone would wish at anytime. I can, as Dickens did with Bleak House, write up a fictional court style drama with a cast, a historical backdrop, legal shenanigans and all the ingredients needed to keep the reader on the edge of the seat. Long has it been known that Greeks would also write dramas in the form of tragedies, and these would be acted out as a serving to the people of conduct acted out on a stage.

Our lovely Jews over there have of course their little Talmud book teaching them that to grow is to bring argument, and to argue the arguments argued, and then argue them. This little nuance of Judaism is of course in other circles called critical thinking. Yet, they feel it falls short in bringing arguments in the forms of controversy, and endless controversy at that, without the odds being stacked in their favour. Cue Jewish Mysticism, or the Jewish Kabbala. Kabbala’s come in a variety of forms, being the Hermetic Kabbala, the Golden Meme, the Christian Kabbala, born through necessity after the Jewish Kabbala was created in order to infiltrate what the Gold Meme, Hermetic Kabbala, the ancient mysteries conveyed.

Generally when arguing the toss over a thing it helps to be in the right field. Now, fields in England generally have hedges, without funds, they’re the Jewish ones. The hedges would form a boundary and traditionally land is passed with the payment of a peppercorn. This symbolical gesture is symbolic of the perpetuity of a life giving fruit’s seed, or vegetable’s seed in this case. Though like the tomato, a fruit, a pepper also has seed on the inside. Now, in the instance of our friends in Tel Aviv their peppercorn ceremony was to blow up the British Palestinian Mandate and run up the flag as the orders from London told the mighty British Empire troops to run tail between legs away from the allegded skeletons saved from any further holocausting by the nasty Germans. Not Italians, not French, not for any of the other National Socialist doctrinal success stories to count, but oh… Those nasty Germans, oof! Blame them

As we now know that the German Basic Law is as trashy as the overlords who administer, in consideration of Article 146. then one must look a bit further along. For myself my argument was that only Germany, Hong Kong and Israel ran a Basic Law in place of a Constitution, as they were not yet fully formed, well, lo and behold Palestine has one too. So, of all the Basic Laws in town Palestine had to wind up in the one that Jews are in the thick of the world over. Jews of course crippling the Middle Kingdom, China, crippling Russia to then take all of Europe under their occupation, through mystery and intrigue, not democracy by a long chalk.

So, what of the manorial laws of England, the feudal law, the quasi-feudal, the semi-feudal? What about the Constitutional Monarchy, or the Constitutional Republics for that matter, what of the Palatines? The What now? The Palatines??? That’s odd, what’s a Palatine? Not a Palestine, or a Pale of Settlement? A Palatinate, the first magazine of the university of Durham where the Prince-Bishops enter the fray? Well, well, well, isn’t this all getting a bit interesting? Link. As mentioned before with the Domus Conversorum on this blog, the House of Converts continued on after the Expulsion of Jews by King Edward the 1st. Real or not real today the English, who barely exist in England anymore, of course are the nasties of that time. The Jews, the eternal victims run offices in Manhattan overlooking New York from plush offices in fancy law firms dissecting the English language letter by letter to litigate into oblivion.

Finding jurisdictions is also a matter of law. In what legal capacity would an argument lie, would be a job of a lawyer. For example the very word legal denotes a split of title right off the bat. Does anyone know why? It’s due to the Law of Trusts and Equitable Obligations. This sizeable argument, I’ve just found out, leads swiftly to what was known as Palestine Place, where the Episcopalian, there’s that pal again, aka the Church of England teaches Christianity to Jews. It’s a dedicated endeavour, yet what will Jews do? What’s the difference of a God anyhow? What’s in a God? God had no messiah yet, so why would Jews follow that God? Every which way a Jew will find to be a master within his own headspace will he argue to the detriment and destruction of God, or anyone who wishes to be in cooperation with a Jew.

Jewry first and only Jewry first is the mantra of the Jew. So, how can an argument be argued with such fanatical fundamentalists who are hell bent on robbing the world of an earned equity that they a) hijack, b) share only amongst themselves, c) police, d) make sure that the efficiency of well to do’s is capped. That being said let’s take note of a capping. For example much was lobbied for minimum wages, but what was argued for the capping of wages? Where are the lobbying do gooders when it comes to actually stopping the economic avalanches occur when it’s oh so obvious they’re mere constructs of evil doers. Vote harder Goyim.

Not to be too harsh, but what the heck. The monsters on patrol have such a firm stranglehold on the literal blood of every living being on this planet, yet their chutzpah will have them act flamboyantly lightly, except for protecting their interests. Just keep working for your paycheck Goyim. Remember the forum of free speech is always at stake and the ones with the fingers on the machine trigger of credit distribution are the ones who need policing. Blame the youth for hanging out and being made criminals, yet name the real criminals and suddenly nothing gets done. Time and time again countless billions and billions are wasted, misspent, coveted, doled out to lackies, all manner of things, but bring a wrong argument to a table of phoney baloney jurisdiction and there’s security guards, police, the military are on hand. What’s so fair about unfairness that it needs t be protected at every speck of common sense? Will it cause an unstoppable train of thought where the people can be masters of their own utopian dreams for their own ideals for once?

Why not allow yourself to dream big and have so much more, because you certainly won’t get it while Israel has a hand in the largest military driven start up tech industry the world has seen post Silicon Valley. It’s a very dangerous time for all concerned while tech is so prominently available to some, and so poorly accessible for others. What’s needed is a recognition of what a Palatine is, aka a Duchy. Link. I know residual jurisdictions can be ignored left right and centre, such as a former constitution may be refused to be recognised after the passing of a new one. The same in law, when for example drunk driving was made illegal, one day you were not a criminal and the next day you are. They say God moves in mysterious ways, well, God also gave us enough gumption to enforce constitutions to govern governments, and this is exactly what people need to steadfastly hold on to.

To think the whole world is not occupied by a foreign occupying enemy is to not know that freedom, liberty and paranoia are all acquired skills. One does not acquiesce to foreign foes, one gives credence only to transparency and this is a matter of Constitutional Law and International Law. All that being said, when the mafia are in such positions of power that they can flaunt themselves, and their criminal actions, willy nilly then this is the time to dig ones heels in. Fight for the right kind of justice and see if the next man recognises that need. Hopefully they will see that drugs, gambling, whoring and all the other vices kill.

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  1. Great point of law.

    Do the Jews with their UN and EJU safe houses have the Palestinians in a misleading jurisdictional issue fighting dust clouds in order to confuse and pre occupy the global community who support the Palestinians in their efforts to evict the (((squatters))).

    As with the unspoken of regulation 146 re the German nation/folk…..

    “The German Empire continues to exist in international law, and it is only paralysed”
    Survivor and witness – SS Pilot Reinhold Suffering Frost.

    If so, transparency could be (((their))) heckles heel and Birobidzhan could be just on the horizon for the (((well poisoners)))
    Lets hope the Palestinian folk themselves run with this issue and not allow the courts to water it down into obscurity. This point in law has free standing legs.

    #patricklittle #littlerevolution #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL #EndCorruptionNow #VoteLittleWinBig

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