Dive Bar Politicians


Worse than snake oil selling preacher men are the Zio-Marxist Dive Bar Politicians dragged from the gutter and given a make over for Judiazing the unsuspecting normal people. Normally vices are manipulated as methods to cajole weak willed individuals into a promised land scenario of drugs, booze and gambling. These bozo’s with weak constitutions are easily bought and sold by the unscrupulous Jews as can be seen anywhere with drug addicts randomly crashed out as literal corpses on the streets.

Jews will end up in lofty positions of public office lording it over the unsuspecting that their benevolence knows no ends. Yet, we find that Jews will openly admit to their crimes when asked, but not much gets done. Their ivory tower glass-ceilinged houses have yet to meet the bigger they are the harder they fall, but that’s coming. So they go higher and higher as they can until, as now, they are virtually expose of all of their criminal minded antics. Their current big problem is how to manage things without the splendour and ingenuity of European thinking. As the Europeans are being done away with, so the high culture they bring is removed too.

Jew have always tried to go against nature, such was the hark of Jesus, and Jews will if for themselves for further argumentation. The Talmud is their book of argumentation which trains the fancy kosher lawyers to raise controversy, many times when none is there, ie victimless crimes, etc.


  1. Being Jw Savvy and Mossad alert is the last piece of the jigsaw… Wake up!

    Problem, reaction, solution… The reality of …. “The War on Drugs”,!

    “This is the art of the double speak; straddle both sides of the Kehilla. Nothing has changed when contrasted with today’s continued (((Zionist))) occupation of “Afghanistan”, the region now secured as a global opium supplier, or historically to the Chinese “Opium wars” where, the Sassoon Jw family were pivotal”

    “I fully understand the reasoning behind the Columbian Narcos drug trafficking in Latin America with the so called ‘Escobar and Cali cartels, useful idiots supplying the global market and 5th columnists. Their global network was projected to the mass as being their genius of smuggling, when in fact it wasn’t just the breaching of security, or laws of export throughout Latin America, it was about the laws of exit and entry of the Kissinger lead US, and Argentine Government who allowed the export of key ingredients to support Escobar in his manufacturing and distribution”

    I fully understand how challenging the real (((Cartel structure))) of City Hall will see all party ranks close in as one, while sending your life into spiral, but not enough to stop me recognising miracle coincidences that always seem to favour 5th columnists, Narcos and Mossad bad boys, by way of the “Israeli based shipping line Maersk” and the fake Muslim ‘Wahhabi Saud Jw’s’ who are behind the Peel Holdings/Ports in Liverpool UK running, and hosting a weekly RoRo service named the “Columbia Express” a weekly Latin American cargo service to Liverpool which is baby sat by the Jw’sh visionary guru Max Steinberg, Jw’sh MP Louis Ellman, and the new Maritime and “transport minister” friend of Israel “Nusrat Ghani MP” …!! So, the biblical (((well poisoners))) are in “Town” .…How Chutzpah is that! 1, Columbia …..…. 2, Columbia…. 3, Israel sells back to us our own oil… …… 4, Maersk delivers drugs and Israeli guns to Liverpool.……, 5, “Epidemic’ of psychotic patients hooked on monkey dust” 6,Mossad on tour ….., But then of course how hard would it be to limbo dance beneath’… just in Britain alone,… rules and regulations of border control, Sea ports, Airports, Passport Office, courts and Jails etc when it is gate kept by the Jewish global security firm G4S which is owned by the Jw “Brian Kingham” now babysitting a drug fuelled network of chaos in UK Jails. Meanwhile 10,000 children in care went missing last year, and the local, and now regional adoption agency guru’… “Jewish”… “Barry Kushner” of Liverpool CC children’s services happens to be in a pivotal supply and demand position.

    But be careful because unofficial observations re pattern recognition, criminality, and basic arithmetic is anti Semitic and any criticism of Israel and nice Jw’s is hate speak..

    It’s plain to see the battle for Europe did not end on D-day 1945. …..

    peterquiggins – 5th Columnists – Part 3/5 Not so ‘Kosher’ Holocaust business..


    #patricklittle #littlerevolution #VoteLittleWinBig
    #killerculture #antizionistleague #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts #GDL ……..

    1. All the communist countries in states of constant revolution, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Colombia, now Venezuela never have an end in sight of their problems. There’s never solutions supported by the international community to have “Democracy” there. What cohenvenience to have anarchy at hand, arms at hand and willing mixed race people that have recently been reported to be over 150,000 and all born of Jews.
      People mistakenly think Jews are like White people with a slightly different religion, yet the irony of it is nothing can be farther from the truth. Jews are a breed of aggressive opposition. They don’t take kindly to resistance of their dominance, and when they encounter resistance they’ll work towards lowering it incrementally until they have full communism. Even a title of a book gives their big inside joke away, Norman Finkelstein’s Beyond Chutzpah. I would have tended to call it beyond Blood Spill myself, as the Jews are forever attacking beliefs, spirit and all cohesion of people of nations.

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