Critiquing “What China Will Be Like As A Great Power” : Martin Jacques Keynote (32nd Annual Camden Conference)

china gdp 2030.png

Published on Mar 26, 2019, on youtube.

Martin Jacques delivered the keynote address at the 32nd Annual Camden Conference in Camden, Maine, US on February 22, 2019.
Link here: Link

I’d been chomping at the bit to jump in and make a comment worthy of the subject. @20:38 a diagram of projected Global GDP is envisioned with China having some 34% of it. Mr Jaques explains this is the same as in 1820, and here we go. 1830 saw the start of the Jewish Sassoon family 1st opium war, while Lionel de Rothschild was entering into English parliament, which he failed 7 times due to his defiance of a Christian God. Ultimately the laws were changed and the 2nd opium wars would soon follow, but not before a fungus was brought from Mexico on a Jewish merchant ship and this caused the Irish Famine.

Earlier in the talk Mr Jaques had talked about the demise of America via the financial crash of 2008. Well, is it beyond the realms of imagination that all of the investments by Americans into China had any affect whatsoever? No, of course not, not even a smidge. Yet, China is in the throes of a remarkable collapse at any moment due to the volatility of the world markets, or is it? How many plastic toys do we need? Are the Chinese happy to sell their soul to be plastic toy makers of historical note? Even the Chinese follow the saying “American car, English house and a Japanese wife.” Maybe Chinese plastic toy should be added on, or electro car, or anything non innovative but contained in this “West” ideology of where commerce is to flow.
Unfortunately there is one massive jigsaw missing from this puzzle, Israel, from Kissinger’s involvement with Mao, Deng and Nixon to the current era of Jiang maintaining his position as overall leader of the military, which he kept hold of as power was delegated by the multi party Communist Party of China. Yes, China is nothing more than a follower of Jew Karl Marx’s ideology that has so drastically failed in every country with the cost of blood in the hundreds of millions. Such times as the Russian Revolutions and the Russian Civil War to follow, WW1 and 2, Korea, Vietnam, China’s own revolution with not less than 60 million deaths, the Holodomor of Ukraine with not less than 16 million deaths. Communism is Jewish carnage and this is what China is the mechanism for. Look at today’s Africa, China has all but colonised the whole continent, yet the place is a tinder box with Europe the buffer when Niger falls and Libya is tasked with the remit of ending Europe, via the order from Tel Aviv. Not too mention how much war in Africa, Central and Southern America and now Sri Lanka, Nepal, with their Maoist revolution, Philipines with the apologist Duterte killing all his own for dealing in drugs when the economy offers nothing more to exchange due to the asset stripping by for leader and shoe maniac Imelda Marcos. Israel, Jews and dialectical and historical materialism has the whole world in turmoil. Link.
We keep hearing of the Palestinian attacks on Israel, yet no proof is ever brought forth, no governments come to the aid of Palestinian interest, but they do to Israel. As Mr Jaques says that America has demised, well, it hasn’t for Israel. These dichotomies for Israel spring up literally everywhere. From Venezuela with their National Socialist leader Victor Chaves closing down Jewish shops and giving fair distribution of wealth to the rightful heirs, the People of Venezuela. So, he gets poisoned and Israel’s man, Maduro, comes flying in under the same banner, yet pushing Communist ways on the Socialist country, of course it collapses, but not in the way that one would expect. So, the OPEC countries, basically the “Arabs”, as we’re told, they apparently dictate the world market under the guise of the Petro Dollar, the world’s monopoly on oil sales. Here’s we need to get out thinking cap on and match how Israel went from being under the protection of the British Palestinian Mandate government, who the Jewish terrorist groups, Irgun and Stern Gang, now known as Likud, bombed in a terrorist attack.
The British had just been allies with USSR and the US to take on the Axis powers in Europe, but a seemingly rag tag bunch of renegade Jews can take them out in a single attack? Wut now? Where were the Allies, as only 12 Jews were executed for this revolution. The British “left” and Israel threw up the flag and have been protected by the Allies ever since. Is no one seeing anything wrong here? So, back to China and the sudden new found wealth that just happens to match the recent economic miracle that Israel has been flaunting most lately. There’s no more aggressive assaults on Israel from the “Islamic Nation”, who apparently vehemently hate Israel, yet at the same not. I say not, because it suits Israel for the Islamic OPEC to have the iron grip on the world’s oil prices, while Israel tells us it’s under constant threat, cry me an industry.
China is making all the moves Israel need, and the cross investing between the two countries is unparalleled. Amazingly it’s not Israel who looks to China, but China who looks to Israel. Even more amazingly, China, who had zip diddly in the bank accounts some years back are now swimming in money to invest while the people get sent to Africa to pick up empty coke bottles to return cash incomes for American/Western pension schemes. While there’s no policing Israel, there’s definitely no policing China, yet Henry Kissinger brokers deals with President Xi, President Trump and he is virtually never out of President Putin’s Office telling him how things are going down. There’s no escaping that the world is being hoodwinked by a group of criminals who have had a head start in scandal and corruption from the year dot. There is resistance to their cartel like hegemony and it’s becoming ever more precarious for people to take note of Israel’s power, as Israel controls banking credit. When will be seen that a political party is tasked with bringing a country up for the benefit of their own people outside of the interests of Israel within and without? Spread the word, Israel has been outed and Jews are the world’s largest death cult.
UN Agenda 2030 link here: Link

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