Israel’s Jackal!

I bet not so many know about the interest free Sharia loans for Muslims in our countries, where we have to sign up for 30% at cost of losing everything if the, out of our control, eco-no-money fails. Luckily we have dependable politicians to rely on, knowing they won’t be making £1.6 tln contracts with the Wahhabis, or that we can use our own oil and not pay the Wahhabi’s, or that all manner of Semitic jibba jabba is in our beeswax.
When they say it’s open season on White People, they mean on their interests as well as their physical selves. All the children, and the unborn, are being deliberately robbed of a future. Meanwhile the comatosed will wave the flag of Israel before applauding what our own home nations have achieved and can achieve. There’s nothing worse than anti-European Europeans and unfortunately they’e been bred to be exactly that for the most part.
Why is it when Anarchists run rife and willy nilly causing political chaos amid political turmoil everyone thinks it’s a normal occurrence. It’s very frustrating when the kernel of Anarchism is deeply rooted in Jewish created Communism. From Karl Marx, a Jew, Leon Trotsky, a Jew, to Jews like Peter Mandhelson, Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netenyahu and Maurice Blank the baseline of their operations is clear. From Robert Maxwell, a Jew, Max Clifford, a jailed Jew and Phillip Green, a Jew who should be in jail, to Lord Janner, a Jew who dodged jail to Lord Neuberger, a Jew who runs the jails they have it pretty well sewn up. Yet people look at the shiny trinkets of Saudi Arabia and the OPEC riches allowed/bestowed upon the sand rich country of oil production that just happens to neighbour their apparent insignificant Semitic cousins, Israel.
People would have a heart attack if they saw the funding operations granted by, through and for Israel from such mysteries as the unevidenced Holocaust. The robbing of the Romanov Dynasty, the Chinese, the US and the Jewish administration of the Jewish Federal Reserve, with such Jews as Alan Greenspan, Janet Yellen and others there, while on the flipside at the US Treasury such Jews as Jack Lew, Timothy Geithner and Steve Mnuchin seem to manage to be blamed as part of the US monster, but when it comes to them being Jewish all bets are off and they get a free pass… BECAUSE THEY’RE JEWISH!!! C’mon… People need to wake up, because there’s a bleak future while Jews and their covert empire continue to boss world affairs.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

“Re Notre Dame Paris and Sri Lanka …..

Once again” strip down the dialectic” to, pattern recognition, basic arithmetic on the balance of probability and conclusions are far from “Muslim”, but the Jew controlled media weapon of distraction, “terror and indulgence” for us is the name of the game.

The question should be , who benefits more from clashing Islam and the Muslims with Spiritual Europe and the Europeans than the (((cowards in the background))), the usual suspects, the Torah’rist Jews. Why is it of benefit to the Muslims, when it is easy to see how it’s of more benefit to those who wish to hold up Judy to be rattled by Punch.

Maybe this Shabbos goy (non Jw puppet), in the following vid, with his insurance “bond shareholder friends” is leveraging another double dip’, just like the 5 detained, then set free dancing Israeli’s during their…

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